Food and
Animal Welfare

Our work with food and animal welfare is guided by our vision, local laws and by sustainability frameworks.

Our extensive research into calf-care and cow longevity has helped us in
the design of barn systems, feeding systems and disease detection and prevention.When it comes to hoof care, we don’t just look at regular hoof baths but the bigger picture of clean and stable flooring, ventilation, mattresses and mats.Our manure management systems come into play here also. We have a full range of solutions depending on the farm type,
size and location.

There are four specific areas where we can support animal welfare in the herds of our clients:

  • Food Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Product Development
  • Partnerships

Food Safety

Food Safety is a critical topic for everyone in the dairy industry. Our work with food safety revolves around ensuring that any product we launch on the market has no negative effect onthe milk coming from a farm. This means that we, among other things, follow food contact compliance legislation rigourously.

Compliance with international regulations is also an important part of food safety. Our compliance team works to ensure that all regulations are adhered to and this means working through the supply chain to the suppliers of raw materials or incoming material.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is not just important in its own right, but has a direct affect on other high scoring topics in our materiality analysis such as ‘long-term profitability,’ ‘milk quality and food safety’ as well as ‘product development to improve customer productivity.’

There are four specific areas where we support animal welfare in the herds of our clients:

  • Ensuring animal welfare is an integrated part in the development of our products and solutions
  • Offering client support through dairy advisors
  • Continuous education and training internally and externally
  • Research collaborations with universities and organisations