Food Safety and
Animal Welfare

Our work with food safety and animal welfare is guided by our vision, local laws and by sustainability frameworks.

Everything we do has food, human and animal safety in mind. With a long history of innovation in the dairy industry, we aim to improve milk quality, food production, animal welfare and both the animals’ and humans’ environment. Today, we split our work into two areas:

  • Food Safety & Milk Quality
  • Animal Welfare & Cow Longevity

Our extensive research into calf-care and cow longevity has helped us in the design of barn systems, feeding systems and disease detection and prevention. When it comes to hoof care, we don’t just look at regular hoof baths but the bigger picture of clean and stable flooring, ventilation, mattresses and mats.

DeLaval is committed to following the globally established 'five freedoms' of animal welfare:

Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury & disease
Freedom to express normal behaviour
Freedom from fear and distress

Food Safety & Milk Quality

Contaminated milk presents obvious risks to consumer health and our customer’s operations. Food safety is critical for all parts of the dairy value chain. We work with food safety through stringent compliance controls but also by focusing on animal health and welfare.

Food Safety is a critical topic for everyone in the dairy industry. Our work with food safety revolves around ensuring that any product we launch on the market has no negative effect onthe milk coming from a farm. This means that we, among other things, follow food contact compliance legislation rigourously.

Compliance with international regulations is also an important part of food safety. Our compliance team works to ensure that all regulations are adhered to and this means working through the supply chain to the suppliers of raw materials or incoming material.

Animal Welfare & Cow Longevity

Animal welfare lies close to our hearts. We truly care about these amazing animals but we also know that when we focus on animal welfare, our customers can run more sustainable dairy farms with higher milk production and reproduction efficiency. This leads to lasting results.

Dairy farming practices can impact animal welfare. This is why we are committed to working hand in hand with our customers and partners to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and standards across the industry and value chain