At DeLaval, our vision to make sustainable food production possible is at the core of everything we do.


Three main perspectives

As a company, we always focus on our customers and we know that the biggest difference we can make when it comes to sustainability, is by maintaining that focus. By providing innovative solutions to our customers, we can help reduce the global dairy footprint and help provide decent working conditions to farmers around the world.

At the same time, we are committed to everyone working at DeLaval. Based on direct customer insights and our materiality analysis, we have developed a sustainability model that looks at sustainability from three main perspectives and that applies to everything we do internally as much as it does to how we work with our customers.


The best way for us to reach the UN Goals on climate change is to reduce the impact of every litre of milk sold. We’re also reducing our own emissions internally in everything we do.

Food Safety and Animal Welfare

We use stringent compliance controls to ensure food safety. This is critical for the entire industry. Healthy animals produce more and better quality milk and live longer. We provide technologies to support them.

Social and Economic

We innovate to provide solutions that make dairy farmers’ lives easier and more profitable. Internally, we use a Corporate Governance framework to ensure good working conditions. Our goal is long-term economic growth that contributes to social and environmental sustainability.

What is Material to us?

We have conducted interviews with key stakeholders in the dairy industry and DeLaval employees. We looked at what was material for both our customers’ operations and our own. The external stakeholders included dairy processors, industry associations, academic institutions, NGO’s and customers

Gustaf de Laval Fund

The Gustaf de Laval Fund arrange annual funding possibilities for master and PhD students for research projects around different focus areas. Visit this page to see this year's focus area and how you can apply!


If you have any questions regarding sustainability at DeLaval,
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