SAP Ariba

DeLaval Ariba Procurement

An initiative helping us to improve our procurement and accounts payable processes by implemnting an automated solution.

Our change to SAP Ariba will:

  • Simplify and automate the purchase-to-pay for us
  • Allow us and our suppliers to transact electronically making the      process simpler, more accurate, transparent and efficient
  • Enable DeLaval employees to order from supplier-provided catalogs      and thereby making the whole process transparent for the business

Supplier collaboration

To fulfill our vision of moving away from paper-based and manual transaction documents, (Purchase Orders and Invoices) we have partnered with Ariba, an SAP company. This allows us to transact electronically through the Ariba®
Network and will soon be a standard practice in doing business with us.

Being on the Ariba Network and doing business with us electronically offers muliple benefits, including:

  • Real-time Purchase Order and invoice delivery for quicker fulfillment, identification of discrepancies, and payment status reporting
  • Reduction in administrative business expenses for items such as postage, printing, and mailroom handling
  • Immediate access to online invoice creation tool
  • Automation and catalog posting in less than 8 weeks
  • Less errors due to human intervention
  • The whole process can be traced for Auditing purposes.

SAP Ariba support Model Guidance document

This Guidance Document provides information on the SAP Ariba Support Model for DeLaval suppliers. It covers the different stages of a supplier onboarding to the Ariba Network, and ways to reach out for support at each stage.