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Toni Kero

Solution Manager FSY

"I can assure you that there will not be a boring day here"

Toni Keros career involves installing DeLaval systems around the world and experiencing the “One DeLaval” culture in person.

Toni has been at DeLaval for 9 years and he is based in Finland. He saw a job advertisement in a newspaper and applied. He was successful and his first position was as a Supporting Service Technician, the first of its kind at the time, and he worked with a variety of DeLaval products such as the VMS™, manure scrapers and maintenance. After two years, Toni was promoted to Technical Support, resulting in him starting to work on more difficult fault findings on all automated systems.

During his time at DeLaval, Toni has had some great experiences that stand out from the crowd. Especially, he has always enjoyed to work with the feeding equipment and the VMS robot, with both he has encountered some challenges along the way. In 2014, Toni had both the most challenging and rewarding year at the same time as he was put to lead the first Automatic Milking Rotary (AMR) installation in Finland. Even though the installation was difficult to orchestrate, Toni got to know a lot of new people that shared his passion. “With the help of these people we managed to install and get running the first commercial AMR 2.0 in the world”, Toni says. Building upon this experience, Toni was part of the AMR team installing the system in Australia, Estonia, Japan, and partly in Belarus. To this day, he looks back on this period with great fondness.

“The years in technical support gave a lot of contacts around the world and gave me a better understanding of how the dairy industry works in different countries. Furthermore, it gave the phrase ‘One DeLaval’ the meaning that you are never alone out there – there is always someone who will share both the pain and joy of doing this”, says Toni.

In August 2019, Toni started his current position in the Feeding Systems team. The reason for his change was primarily to get out of his comfort zone and try something new. “I think that sometimes you need to push yourself and do something totally different to be able to reach your full potential as a worker. I still see that there is a lot for me to learn in this role, but I am lucky that I have really good and supporting team members”, he says. “The best thing with DeLaval is that the company do not set any boundaries around you. If you have the skills and passion, you will never know what you can achieve in DeLaval”.

When asked what he want to say to future colleagues, Toni answers, “If you are looking for challenging work in the dairy industry, this is the place to be. DeLaval is number one in inventions for dairy farmers and I can assure you that there will not be a boring day here”.

Looking ahead, Toni is excited about all the new inventions that DeLaval will bring to the market to help dairy farmers in their businesses, especially everything new that will come for the feeding systems.

Thank you Toni for your passion and work to help our customers improve their farms!

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