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Julián Gonzalez

Acting Planning & Logistics Manager, DeLaval Latin America

“To work every day knowing that we are all part of the same family”

​After graduation, Julián Gonzalez started as a trainee at DeLaval in Argentina in 2013 and he was eager to start working. That it was a major dairy company he started at suited him well, coming from a family with agricultural and veterinarian background. In his spare time he focus alot on his other passion – being a DJ – which he has had for a long time.

During his time at DeLaval, Julián has worked with several jobs in different departments, going from a trainee in Import Handling to focusing more on Planning & Logistics. In his job, Julián have had responsibility for different areas, giving him a good overview of the company. At one point he spent three months in Gallin, Germany, during the move of our European distribution centre from Glinde. The relocation to Germany had a big positive impact on him.

"The idea of working at the biggest DeLaval distribution centre in a completely different way, and in a different language, to what I was used to sounded like a great challenge. I learned a lot and got the chance to work side by side with some of the smartest colleagues I've ever met, in a very unique situation, which was an awesome learning experience", Julián says.

He adds that he really experienced the One DeLaval spirit during this period. While Julián was located in Germany, his Argentinean team covered his work and helped out. "It felt great to know they had my back", Julián says. In addition, Julián expresses with joy the chance to interact with colleagues in other parts of the world.

"DeLaval has allowed me to travel to different places, meeting colleagues from all over the world and, therefore, improving the process of working as one, despite the big distances and time differences".

And the team spirit is one of the aspects of working for DeLaval he treasure the most. "I believe the work environment is the best thing about working for DeLaval. I also consider my colleagues my friends and over the years I have developed good relationships worldwide and all across different company areas. I believe this is one of the main reasons of continuing to grow my career within DeLaval, to work every day knowing that we are all part of the same family, that we are all 'One DeLaval'", Julián says.

When asked about future projects he is looking forward to, Julián says, "I look forward to continue working as Planning & Logistics Manager in Latin America in order to, not only develop my career, but also to bring our great team closer together. I'm always looking for better ways of doings things as I strongly believe that planning and logistics are in permanent evolution. I believe I am very professional, enthusiastic and passionate of what I do. I strongly agree with our company behaviours, setting direction, make things happen and one DeLaval and I love to have the opportunity to build a team around those values".

Thank you Julián for sharing your story and for your great work and team spirit!

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