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October 2021

DeLaval sets new standard for milking

Stockholm, Sweden, 14 October 2021 ─ DeLaval sets a new standard in how cows are milked by responding to the natural milk flow from the cow ─ saving time and increasing animal welfare. By adapting the applied vacuum to the milk flow profile of each cow, milking times can be reduced by up to 10%, supporting good udder health and animal welfare. The first two new DeLaval technologies are launched as part […]

September 2021

The Natural Resources Institute in Finland (Luke) choose DeLaval

DeLaval has been selected as supplier of milking systems and production monitoring systems for the Jokioinen and Maaninga research sites of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). DeLaval will supply an automatic milking system including three milking robots for the new research barn to be built in Jokioinen and one for a research barn to […]

July 2021

DeLaval Parlour P100 – designed for family farms and grassland customers

Stockholm, Sweden, 12 July 2021 – Introducing a new parlour that delivers a smooth milking process, using less resources and enables the right automation for each farm. Introducing a new parlour that delivers a smooth milking process, using less resources and enables theDeLaval P100 is a result of many years of development using input from customers with a […]

March 2021

Sustainability report 2020 now available

At DeLaval we strive towards our vision by addressing animal welfare, reducing the environmental impact, improving working conditions and boost profitability in everything we do, both on farms and in our own operations. Overall, we continue to look at sustainability from three main perspectives; Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and we have identified 10 priority […]

DeLaval VMS™ batch milking – a new approach for large dairy farms

Flexible robotic set up allows batch milking for larger farms to utilize the benefits of DeLaval VMS™ V300 and V310 in a new way. The consolidation of farms worldwide is picking up speed and is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for efficient automatic milking solutions amongst larger dairy farms. “With the successful […]

February 2021

New DeLaval CEO appointed

Stockholm, Sweden ─ The Tetra Laval Group Board has appointed Paul Löfgren, President & CEO of DeLaval, effective 1 April 2021. The appointment follows the decision by Joakim Rosengren to step down from his position after 18 years as President & CEO and 35 years with the Tetra Laval Group. Paul Löfgren, presently Executive Vice […]