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Category: Employer Branding

June 2021

”I am very pleased to be able to contribute to society”

Fernando Ramalho, Warehouse Manager, is always keen to learn new skills and develop new competences. Hear his story and what his fondest memories from DeLaval has been so far. Fernando started his career in DeLaval as a Logistics Supervisor in Brazil. DeLaval caught his attention while he was working in his previous job, as DeLaval […]

May 2021

”As part of DeLaval’s team, I’m excited to navigate it through”

Cecilia Wu, Senior Legal Counsel, had not worked in the farming industry before joining DeLaval. Read the article to learn more about what drew her to the company and what it is like to work with legal issues in a complex business. Before joining DeLaval, Cecilia had very limited knowledge about the company and the […]

April 2021

”After three years at DeLaval, there is still no day like the other”

Hear from Ilka Klaas, Dairy Development Director, as she shares her story at DeLaval, her background as an academic, and her current work with research and innovation. Ilka Klaas has an extensive background as a researcher and associate professor in cattle diseases. She grew up on the countryside in Germany and she started her career […]

March 2021

“Bringing newness and innovation to either products or processes should be easy and fun”

Anna Lindquist, Director Strategic Program Office, will support DeLaval in the important innovation work ahead. She was part of initiating the Master thesis to map our CO2 footprint that is used as a base for our future sustainability work. Before joining DeLaval, Anna worked 10 years for the truck manufacturer Scania. Her interest in DeLaval […]

February 2021

”You can really feel the passion and commitment from all colleagues”

Edouard Alix, Cluster Solution Manager AMS & Cooling in EMEA, shares his story from his time in DeLaval. “In this new role I have the chance to work with a great team and try to facilitate the communication between each entity. For me, I could easily define the key to success with ‘collective intelligence’. With […]

January 2021

”Here I can combine my passion for animals, technology and business”

The next colleague to share her story is Cecilia Bågenvik, Vice President Animal Intelligence & Welfare Solutions, in the Product Management & Development unit. When asked what the best things with working for DeLaval are, Cecilia says, “It is the close connection to the customers, our farmers and the animals. I am a cow person […]