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Category: Employer Branding

July 2022

”I find great value in supporting farmers”

Being raised on a dairy farm, Heather Bennett brings a lot of experience into her role as an In-Service Technician. Read more about her daily work and what she finds most rewarding working at DeLaval. Heather Bennett was born in New York USA, where her family had a dairy farm with over 300 cows. Growing […]

June 2022

“Laying the puzzle to see the bigger picture”

Knowing the business climate and how the market is developing is key for a successful business. An important person who provides that insight at DeLaval is Clara Secher, Market Intelligence Analyst. Since joining DeLaval in 2016, Clara Secher has been an integral part of the Strategic Market Intelligence team seated in Tumba, Sweden. “In my […]

April 2022

“Data is key to sustainability”

With a strong belief in data and making informed decisions to achieve sustainable farming, Samira Atashi, Data Steward, is an important person in the journey to reach DeLaval’s vision. Samira wanted to join a company that was a thought leader and could make a real impact on its industry to increase the sustainability efforts and […]

March 2022

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

International Women’s Day 2022 highlights “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” and DeLaval is proud to include Diversity & Inclusion as an important part of our sustainability strategy. Across the corporate world, unconscious biases have historically led us to characterize empathy as “feminine” and “not suitable” for leadership—but research from our partners, non-profit organisation […]

January 2022

”The mix of advanced technology and nature is something I really enjoy”

With many years’ experience from DeLaval, even before he joined the company, Magnus Storbjörk has worked with many of the digital solutions in DeLaval products. Learn more about his journey in this article! Machine learning that Digital Services is working with is used in many solutions in the barn. This is a big step towards […]

November 2021

”It is really mindfulness in its best form”

Linda Thulin, Herd Manager, at Hamra Farm has been part of the DeLaval family since the mid-90’s. Read her story to learn how she increased her knowledge about animal welfare and what has happened at Hamra Farm throughout the years. Linda graduated high school in 1995 where she studied agriculture and got practical experience from dairy farming, […]