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June 2021

Planning a new barn for dairy cows? Managing Director of Hamra Farm shares some valuable tips

DeLaval is investing in its own farm, Hamra Farm, to prepare for future dairy production needs. The farm is run as a commercial farm, but it is also a showcase farm for DeLaval customers, as well as a research barn where DeLaval equipment is tested and analysed. Johan Bjurevall, Managing Director at Hamra Farm, shares some advice on what to think about when planning a new barn. What is most important when starting to plan for a new barn?  First, you need to have […]

Performance and profitability of pasture-based Automatic Milking Systems

We invited Juan Gargiulo to present his research in Performance and profitability of pasture-based Automatic Milking Systems. This is the first research on the economics of pasture-based AMS which utilises comprehensive commercial farm data and is not based on simulations. The research was conducted as part of Milking Edge an #ausdairy project by @nswdpi @Dairy_Australia. Combining pasture […]

Increasing our knowledge in sustainable dairy farming – focusing on housing design and management for large dairy herds

DeLaval experts and guest speakers, including Professor Jack Britt, specialized in emerging applied technologies, agricultural systems, biotechnology and bioenergy shared valuable knowledge at the bi-annual Large Customer Project Support and Development Conference.  DeLaval colleagues working with planning, design, consultancy, dairy farming advisory and farm management support attended the two-day digital event. Over 150 attendees listened to speakers from Arla, Tetra Pak, National Milk Producers in the US and DeLaval experts who shared […]

May 2021

”As part of DeLaval’s team, I’m excited to navigate it through”

Cecilia Wu, Senior Legal Counsel, had not worked in the farming industry before joining DeLaval. Read the article to learn more about what drew her to the company and what it is like to work with legal issues in a complex business. Before joining DeLaval, Cecilia had very limited knowledge about the company and the […]

April 2021

Our vision is more relevant than ever

We make sustainable food production possible has been on our agenda for many years and gives us a clear focus. The DeLaval Sustainability Group have looked at our materiality analysis and talked to customers to identify ten key areas of priority. The DeLaval Sustainability Group is appointed by Group Management and through them we have […]

Our Hamra cows are out

The spring has truly arrived in Sweden. This week, our cows at Hamra Farm were let out on pasture for the first time this year. Watch the film to see how excited they are! Select full screen for the best viewing experience.