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July 2014

DeLaval VPR 200 means optimum operation

It’s one thing to milk 15 cows by hand if the equipment is on the blink, it’s quite another undertaking when you have 400 or 4000 cows that need to be milked.

The  same is true of manure handling, milk cooling, feeding etc. This is why a comprehensive preventive maintenance service programme is a good investment.

DeLaval hosts forum on mastitis prevention and control in China

DeLaval takes the lead on mastitis prevention at the largest and most influential dairy farming and processing trade event in China. 
DeLaval China successfully held an International Mastitis Control and Prevention Summit at the China Dairy Annual Meeting on June 14, 2014 in Xi’an – the biggest dairy industry event in China in conjunction with a trade show that attracts both international and domestic industry players from across the entire dairy supply chain.

June 2014

High milk yield farms with low labour costs now a reality

Stockholm, Sweden 18 June, 2014  –  DeLaval has more than doubled its sales of automatic milking rotary systems during the past six months. The first commercial systems were installed in Australia in 2011 and in Germany in 2013. Since then sales have grown steadily: by the end of 2014 there will be more than 10 installations up and running and delivering customer benefits in four different countries. DeLaval is the only company in the world to offer an automatic rotary system ready for commercial sales.

How to improve the lifetime production cycle of a cow

Stockholm, 02 June, 2014. Dairy farmers need to replace cows in the herd frequently because of health and infertility issues; yet this expensive practice could also be avoided in some cases through a range of simple, effective measures.