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February 2022

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ 100 Wins Award at AGROS Exhibition in Moscow

An important event for the Russian agro-industrial sector – AGROS 2022 International Trade Fair for Animal Husbandry, Breeding, and Feed Production – was held in Moscow last month. DeLaval Herd Navigator™ 100 won Best Product 2022 at the Grand Prix in the AGROS for the professional use of biomodeling technology, which improves animal health and […]

How can we estimate mastitis-related milk loss using our sensors?

The reduction of milk yield is a major component in the cost of mastitis. However, past research has not been based on daily sensor measurements and has not fully explored nonlinearity and the thresholds at which milk yield starts to decrease. John Bonestroo, Industrial PhD candidate and Ilka Klaas, Dairy Development Director at DeLaval fills […]

January 2022

”The mix of advanced technology and nature is something I really enjoy”

With many years’ experience from DeLaval, even before he joined the company, Magnus Storbjörk has worked with many of the digital solutions in DeLaval products. Learn more about his journey in this article! Machine learning that Digital Services is working with is used in many solutions in the barn. This is a big step towards […]

DeLaval recognised for Occupational Health & Safety invention

The German Worker’s Compensation Board competition for preventive measures against work-related accidents and illnesses – The Golden Hand – praised DeLaval for inventing a customised crane application for picking trucks that handles chemicals in our European Distribution Centre in Gallin, Germany. As there are no standard picking trucks with a crane on the market, the […]

December 2021

Tetra Laval donates 10 million Euros to support UNICEF’s efforts in the global delivery of COVID-19 vaccines

GENEVA, 21 December 2021 – Tetra Laval announced today a 10-million Euro contribution in support of UNICEF’s work to deliver COVID-19 vaccines globally. The donation will contribute to UNICEF’s efforts to strengthen global vaccine equity, especially in lower-income countries. Since early 2021, UNICEF has delivered more than 700 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 144 […]