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Category: Insights

May 2023

Artificial intelligence enhances farmer insight

DeLaval Plus is a portal for an ever-growing set of cloud-based services that enable advanced farm management analysis and reporting. By drawing on the latest in data processing, farmers can ensure that their cows are healthy, well looked after, and milked efficiently, safely and sustainably. The portal is powered by DeLaval DeepBlue, which uses artificial […]

April 2023

Farm sustainability and the DeLaval Dairy Advisor

Advisory services are one of the most important parts of our business strategy and an important way for DeLaval to be able to reduce emissions on our already installed base. When Dairy Advisor William Smits arrives at a farm, he’s interested in two things; helping farmers increase their output and improving animal health. The two […]

February 2023

Sustainability efforts and roadmap in Product Development and Supply Chain

During an internal webinar Katarzyna Dzusajew, Anna Lindquist, and Emil Deckner from the DeLaval Sustainability Group presented how sustainability is applied in our Product Management & Development and Supply Chain departments. Scope 1 & 2, emissions from our own operations During 2020 DeLaval started to switch to green and renewable energy, and now has 100% green electricity in […]

January 2023

Planning and Logistics in Latin America reducing environmental footprint

With the goal to reduce our environmental footprint the team of 18 is working hard and are making great progress.  The changes that have been implemented include a new warehouse in Rosario, Argentina, as well as changing the route schedule for sea shipments to Chile coming from the DeLaval warehouse in Gallin, Germany. Initially there were one […]

December 2022

Reducing plastic packaging for DeLaval brushes

“According to WWF, if nothing changes, by 2050 almost every seabird will have plastic in their stomachs and there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. This statement made me think about the use of packaging in our assortment,” says Elisabeth Thielke, Product Specialist Farm Supplies. Elisabeth identified a project to reduced plastic […]

November 2022

Improving livelihoods in Kenya with Tetra Laval Food for Development

Through the tried and tested Dairy Hub model, Food for Development, Tetra Pak, DeLaval and partners collaborated to help 30,000 smallholder farmers increase dairy productivity and income, whilst at the same time involve more women and young people in the dairy value chain. In Kenya, smallholder farmers produce nearly 80 percent of all milk, but […]