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February 2024

“I never really chose cows; cows chose me.”

Thibault Burg, a Market Area Development Manager, has been part of the DeLaval team for eight years. Raised on a dairy farm, today he is leveraging his lifelong knowledge to help farmers enhance value through innovative digital services. Growing up on a dairy farm in eastern France — surrounded by vineyards and crops — Thibault’s […]

Greenfield implementation of SAP to support business transformation at DeLaval  

As a company built on innovation, we are constantly working to find new ways of helping our customers — dairy farmers — do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions. We have been doing this for over 140 years, and our way of doing business is constantly evolving.  That’s why we’re launching […]

January 2024

“We are focusing our efforts”

Gareth Johns, System Director Automatic Milking Systems, has a long history of DeLaval, both from his own family and in his career. After many different job positions and locations, he and his team are now working on our Automatic Milking Systems. When Gareth was growing up, his parents were dairy farmers in New Zealand using […]

December 2023

“It is a welcoming atmosphere”

Matilda Isaksson, HR Administrator, has a long experience in DeLaval from both Hamra Conference Centre (HCC) and the Tumba office. This is her story of how she joined the company and what she finds the most rewarding. Back in 2008, Matilda visited a friend who worked at DeLaval when she learned that there was a […]

Automatic body condition scoring improves cows’ performance

In a recent study conducted in the United States in collaboration with DeLaval’s Scientific Committee, Body Condition Score (BCS) proved to be key in improving performance in herds. The study’s main objective was to better understand the impact of the changes in BCS during the dry period and early lactation on variables that are significant […]

November 2023

“It has given me more tools to develop new ideas”

Elke Depreester, Senior Technical Service Specialist, is on a constant journey to learn new things and develop innovative solutions that will help dairy farmers become more sustainable and increase their performance. As a veterinarian who is especially interested in dairy advisory and management of dairy farms, Elke thought that DeLaval would be a perfect fit […]