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Latest news and press releases

Can sensor data collected by DeLaval VMS™ be used to forecast chronic mastitis cases?

There are different sensors available that measure mastitis indicators. These measures are typically used for the detection of (clinical) mastitis. However, sensors can possibly be used after detection as well. After detection, the farmer needs to decide on the right intervention. In order to decide on how to intervene, the farmer may need to know […]

“Data is key to sustainability”

With a strong belief in data and making informed decisions to achieve sustainable farming, Samira Atashi, Data Steward, is an important person in the journey to reach DeLaval’s vision. Samira wanted to join a company that was a thought leader and could make a real impact on its industry to increase the sustainability efforts and […]

DeLaval opens for research collaboration with young scientists

The DeLaval Scientific Committee invites applications from young scientists all over the globe to join the DeLaval student program and to submit an application to the Gustaf de Laval Fund for young scientists. This year, the focus area concerns projects within precision dairy farming and production management. More precisely, the suggested project should include elements […]