DeLaval Procurement

Global Sourcing at DeLaval is committed to building strong relationships with our suppliers, by aligning with suppliers and Ethics & Sustainability, which promote sustainability and economic, environmental, and social responsibility.

We take a long-term approach to our suppliers and aim to build lasting relations and develop together with them. By actively working with our suppliers to match the right supplier with the right product and services while ensuring that it is the strongest performing supplier that gain new business, we create cost efficiency of sourced products and services.


Working with SAP Ariba – Supplier collaboration

DeLaval has optimized its indirect purchasing process in the major countries like Sweden, Poland, Germany, Belgium, China and the USA. This means that we are no longer processing any paper documents or any manually submitted purchase orders, order confirmations, amended orders, packing notes or invoices in these countries. We have chosen the SAP Ariba Network as a platform for the transmission of all documents. Digitising our processes in this way means quicker processing for our purchase orders and your invoices, less costs and less impact on the environment. This helps in creating global spend transparency and drive data and discipline into the procurement process. 

Being on the SAP Ariba Network and doing business with us electronically offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Real-time Purchase Order and invoice delivery for quicker fulfillment, identification of discrepancies, and payment status reporting
  • Reduction in administrative business expenses for items such as postage, printing, and mailroom handling
  • Immediate access to online invoice creation tool
  • Automation and Catalog posting in less than 8 weeks.
  • The whole process can be traced for Auditing purposes.
  • Less errors due to human intervention

DeLaval uses SAP Ariba Network for communicating with suppliers. An SAP Ariba Network account is essential for suppliers to be able to receive orders from DeLaval and to send invoices. If you do not have an SAP Ariba Network account, you can obtain one by registering on SAP Ariba Network. 

On this page you can find more information about the registration of your SAP Ariba Network account and using SAP Ariba.


General SAP Ariba information
The link provides information about general account types and the fee related to them.

DeLaval Quick Start Guide
This document provides information on the SAP Ariba Support Model for DeLaval suppliers. It covers the different stages of a supplier onboarding the SAP Ariba Network, and ways to reach out for support at each stage.

Supplier InstructionsAccount Registration process
This document provides information about the ways and on how to register in SAP Ariba Network or create a new account in SAP Ariba Network. 

Supplier Instructions Processing Orders and Invoicing
This document provides information on how to process the orders and invoices in SAP Ariba Network.

Supplier InstructionsInvoicing
This document provides information on how to create an invoice using SAP Ariba Network.