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Author: Tom Axner

February 2023

DeLaval invests in its automatic milking facility

Stockholm, Sweden, 15 February 2023 ─ DeLaval plans to increase its production capacity of automatic milking machines to meet rising customer demand. Automatic milking is continuing to grow across the world. At the same time, DeLaval has seen a positive customer response on the DeLaval VMS™ V300-series of automatic milking robots. These two factors have […]

October 2022

“Making decisions with the future in mind”

Making our Tumba site as environmentally friendly as possible is high on DeLaval’s agenda. To enforce this, the local Tumba Environmental Committee works determinedly to reach our goals. In this article, you will learn more about all the great things they do. The Tumba Environmental Committee consists of members from different departments who together work […]

September 2022

“The culture is deeply rooted in DeLaval’s DNA”

Andris Bariss, Technical Director Eastern Europe, manages a dedicated team of 155 people. Through passion, resilience, and teamwork, they conduct some of our major projects in Eastern Europe. Read more about his story here. Andris’s journey in DeLaval began back in April 2011. He had just moved back home to his native Latvia after an […]

August 2022

Teamwork improved Wroclaw’s Cooling Tank Factory

With a cross-functional team, the Cooling Tank Factory in Wroclaw, Poland, has increased its safety, reduced production time, and improved material flow in its production process. The project set out to optimize the cooling tanks production line with emphasis on improving material flow, ergonomics, and safety, as well as reducing costs and improving production processes. […]

July 2022

”I find great value in supporting farmers”

Being raised on a dairy farm, Heather Bennett brings a lot of experience into her role as an In-Service Technician. Read more about her daily work and what she finds most rewarding working at DeLaval. Heather Bennett was born in New York USA, where her family had a dairy farm with over 300 cows. Growing […]

June 2022

“Laying the puzzle to see the bigger picture”

Knowing the business climate and how the market is developing is key for a successful business. An important person who provides that insight at DeLaval is Clara Secher, Market Intelligence Analyst. Since joining DeLaval in 2016, Clara Secher has been an integral part of the Strategic Market Intelligence team seated in Tumba, Sweden. “In my […]