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Author: Jenny Gelin

November 2023

Milk Sustainability Center website

Turning the dairy sector into a net-zero emissions industry is something that can only be achieved together. John Deere and DeLaval have joined efforts to create a digital eco-system to help dairy farmers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. A first version of the Milk Sustainability Center will be released during summer 2024 but […]

DeLaval launches a swinging brush for beef cattle

Stockholm, Sweden, 1 November 2023 – DeLaval extends the range of swinging cow brushes with the new DeLaval swinging beef brush SBB. Grooming helps animals remove dirt, parasites and other contaminants from skin and hair and it positively influences the animals’ state of mind. Research shows that cows are just as motivated to groom as […]

October 2023

“I want to empower my team to support our farmers better”

Martina Dadomo’s professional and personal journey has been inspired by her philosophy of stepping out of her comfort zone. She has worked for DeLaval for 13 years in various positions and in different countries. She is an Argentinian who has been living in Sweden since 2015. Some months ago, Martina was promoted to lead a […]

September 2023

John Deere and DeLaval form Strategic Partnership for Sustainable Milk Production

TUMBA, Sweden John Deere and DeLaval joins efforts to create the Milk Sustainability Center (MSC), a digital eco-system to help dairy farmers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. The eco-system will be open for partners to join, with the objective of providing farmers with data needed for a holistic view of the dairy operations. […]

August 2023

DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis empowers better decision-making

Tumba, Sweden 21 August 2023. New data sensor solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to alert cow health events and enables cow localization. Managing a dairy herd just got easier with the aid of DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis – the latest farm management tool which uses data sensors to record each animal’s behaviour, analyzes each […]

Reducing CO2 emissions through efficient transportation, reduced packaging and waste

Over the years our European distribution centre in Gallin, Germany, has seen some significant improvements to reduce emissions and save cost. The move to its current location offered some good opportunities including a change of culture with a higher focus on safety and taking care of one another to create a safer working environment. Frank […]