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Author: Jenny Gelin

November 2021

Describing patterns of mastitis indicators during a clinical mastitis episode

Our master thesis student Ditsa Panchal was invited by the Scientific Committee at DeLaval to present her project on the development of mastitis indicators for a case of clinical mastitis.  In the VMS, the udder inflammation indicators measured by its sensors have mostly been used to detect clinical mastitis. However, the udder inflammation indicators can […]

October 2021

DeLaval sets new standard for milking

Stockholm, Sweden, 14 October 2021 ─ DeLaval sets a new standard in how cows are milked by responding to the natural milk flow from the cow ─ saving time and increasing animal welfare. By adapting the applied vacuum to the milk flow profile of each cow, milking times can be reduced by up to 10%, supporting good udder health and animal welfare. The first two new DeLaval technologies are launched as part […]

DeLaval supports Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

The global dairy sector has joined forces to accelerate climate action and help reduce dairy’s impact on the planet. This initiative aims to reduce GHG emissions across the dairy sector. The entire international dairy supply chain, which produces nutritious foods for six billion people and provides livelihoods for one billion people worldwide, is called on […]

September 2021

Teaser feed at milking affects voluntary cow traffic in AMR

A recent study at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences showed that teaser feed in AMR influenced cow behaviour. Introducing teaser feed improved voluntary cow traffic, reduced time in the driveway, time to enter, and the number of cows to fetch. It also reduced the variation between cows in all estimates. These effects were still […]

Reducing food waste on farms

When food is lost or wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food go to waste. 29 September is International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste initiated by the United Nations. Reducing food loss and waste contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as pressure on land […]

The Natural Resources Institute in Finland (Luke) choose DeLaval

DeLaval has been selected as supplier of milking systems and production monitoring systems for the Jokioinen and Maaninga research sites of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). DeLaval will supply an automatic milking system including three milking robots for the new research barn to be built in Jokioinen and one for a research barn to […]