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Author: Jenny Gelin

September 2022

Our commitment to even better products, research and customer support

Measuring and monitoring animal welfare, feed additive solutions to reduce livestock emissions (e.g., Algae), breeding strategies to breed more resilient animals, reducing the need for medicine, and finding solutions to support animal behaviour are some of the key trends in sustainable dairy farming according to three DeLaval experts who shared some insights during an internal […]

August 2022

Today the groundbreaking begins for DeLaval’s big investment in modern dairy production

Stockholm, 30 August 2022 – The groundbreaking at Hamra Farm for the 18 000 m² re-build starts today. The investment in more modern and sustainable dairy production at its own farm Hamra Farm, includes new barns, four new automatic milking robots (DeLaval VMS™), and more digital solutions to improve animal health, quality, and efficiency. Hamra […]

DeLaval part of CBS Global Thought Leaders

DeLaval is very proud to be part of CBS Global Thought Leaders, a platform highlighting the business of today shaping the world of tomorrow. In the video, DeLaval shares that the approach to sustainable food production is centered around how our solutions support farmers efficiency and animal care. One example is DeLaval VMS™ V300, an […]

June 2022

Poland’s factories go renewable

Back in 2019, a couple of masters students completed a thesis that included measuring DeLaval’s CO2e footprint in the supply chain. DeLaval then took action based on the results of the research. The measurements showed that the company’s Polish factories had the biggest footprint on a kWh basis. Coal was in the energy mix and […]

How Digital Developments are Improving Animal Welfare

Sensor technology is not particularly new on dairy farms but as time goes on, more and more technologies are emerging and farmers can now gather huge amounts of data. When a cow is milked using a DeLaval VMS™ for example, there are several sensors in place that provide information on every udder quarter. Our sensors […]

May 2022

Building Digital Services for the Dairy Industry

With digitalisation and cloud technologies breaking up barriers in the dairy industry, suppliers now have the capability and technology to extend their data reach. The access to data enables new forms of collaboration and partnerships. DeLaval is well-positioned in the value chain to take the lead in the digital transformation journey, as we have access […]