This is delaval

Our vision, mission 

and values

Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible. We support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved. 

Our Mission

  • We team up with customers for results that last.
  • From our leading position in dairy farming, we innovate and expand in new segments and new geographies.
  • We provide integrated solutions and ensure that everywhere we do business, we lead.
  • We exist for the customer, around the clock. 

Our Values











DeLaval’s core values are built on four key principles. These are:

  • We share a passion for delivering customer value. 
  • We are proud of our heritage and our success. 
  • From our leading position in dairy farming, we expand our business with passion.
  • This passion distinguishes us from other companies
  • We have the ability and are trusted to make decisions within our area of responsibility.
  • We build our success on competence and constantly invest in personal development.
  • We share our knowledge, support each other and enjoy being part of a team.
  • We encourage diversity and appreciate the creativity that comes from a mix of cultures, gender, sexual orientation, religions, experiences and personalities.

We are part of a global network.

  • We deliver quality in everything we do.
  • We have clear responsibilities and fulfill our commitments.
  • We listen, learn, innovate and constantly improve.
  • We are proud of who we are and humbly reflect this through our attitude and behaviour.
  • We stay true to our values.
  • Our customers, their needs and expectations, are the starting point for everything we do.
  • Our dealers are business partners with whom we jointly deliver customer values.
  • DeLaval employees, our dealers and customers partner for long-term business results.