This is delaval

Hamra Farm,
the heart of DeLaval

Welcome to our farm, only 30 minutes from central Stockholm, Sweden. This is where DeLaval’s history and future meets. 

Since being acquired in 1894 by Gustaf de Laval and his company AB Separator, Hamra has had a special place in our hearts. It is at Hamra we do all our product development for dairy equipment and is a corner stone in our innovation work.

Not only is Hamra our R&D farm, it is also a high-performing dairy farm run as a separate business. On average, Hamra’s herd produces 12 000 kg milk per cow/year, which compared to the Swedish average of 9 000—10 000 kg over the same period is a lot. We have 250 dairy cows at Hamra divided equally between the breeds Swedish Red and Swedish Holstein and Hamra manages 2 800 ha of land – whereof 1000 ha is arable land. Winter wheat, barley and corn are produced and rotated on the land and the harvests are used to feed our livestock. Hamra is self-sufficient on roughage and we use wood chips from our land to heat the buildings at the farm. At Hamra, we also have a conference centre where we regularly have trainings and education.

Hamra has always been designed with the animals in focus and Gustaf de Laval wanted to produce the best milk possible and teach his customers in the modern ways of dairy farming. Today, over 3 000 people visit Hamra each year where they learn more about our products and about the history of the company and Hamra. Beginning in 2021, we are building a new state-of-the-art barn equipped with our latest products and the best solutions for animal welfare. It is planned to be ready for our cows in 2022.

Hamra’s success is built upon passion and great farm management. As the heart of our business, we always want to have the best possible facilities and solutions for our animals. Everyone who works at Hamra are giving their all to make sustainable food production possible every day, and together we are shaping the future of dairy farming.