DeLaval named new knowledge partner for Dairy Academy Belgium 

DeLaval and Dairy Academy – the leading knowledge platform for Royal A-ware suppliers – have cemented a significant long-term partnership in Belgium. This collaboration marks DeLaval as the fifth knowledge partner for the Dairy Academy’s Belgium platform, enabling an expansion of educational offerings. Together, they introduce workshops aimed at optimising milk production and enhancing human and animal welfare, benefiting suppliers and the industry as a whole. 

From left to right: Koen Goethals, Manager Milk Business A-ware Belgium, Emilie Costers, Manager Dairy
Academy, and Nicky Oelbrandt, Marketing Manager Western Europe, DeLaval.

The popular Dairy Academy was initially established in 2014 in the Netherlands by Royal A-ware, an international family company specialising in the production of daily fresh dairy, cream, milk powder, cheese, and tapas. Building on its success, the Dairy Academy expanded to Belgium in 2022. Through expert knowledge partnerships, the platform equips suppliers with the latest insights via workshops and events, enabling dairy farms to operate in a more future-proof and sustainable way. 

Enriching Dairy Academy’s offerings

Starting in autumn 2024, workshops hosted by DeLaval will be added to the calendar. These workshops will be designed to give Royal A-ware’s suppliers a variety of new and easily accessible topics, complementing the current offerings of the Dairy Academy. 

Emilie Costers, Dairy Academy Manager, says: “Together with our benchmark group, we assess what is most needed. The knowledge and expertise within DeLaval are so extensive that we will be able to offer suppliers a wide range of topics in the coming years. There will be a topic suiting every farm’s needs.” 

Working towards a common goal

Nicky Oelbrandt, Marketing Manager Western Europe, DeLaval, says: “Both the Dairy Academy and DeLaval share a commitment to supporting dairy farmers by equipping them with the necessary tools to ensure the future sustainability of their farms. At DeLaval, we strive to serve as dedicated partners for every dairy farmer, assisting them in future-proofing their businesses. Our mission aligns seamlessly with that of the Dairy Academy, as we mutually reinforce each other’s efforts in this respect.” 

She also says that this partnership underscores DeLaval’s dedication to utilising technology to assist farmers in navigating the challenges of modern agriculture: “That DeLaval is very forward-thinking is also reflected in our commitment to innovation and digitalisation. For instance, we use AI technology in our tools that allow us to make predictions for local users based on global data.”