International Women’s Day 2024

At DeLaval, we’re proud to work with so many incredible women on a global scale, contributing to all areas across our company and shaping our future alongside the entire dairy industry. As Paul Löfgren, President & CEO of DeLaval, aptly puts it: ‘Diversity and inclusion create a stronger organisation with a sharper innovative edge.'”

In celebration of International Women’s Day (#IWD), we invited our female employees to share their stories and passion for their work. The response was overwhelming, emphasising the dedication and enthusiasm of our incredible women at #TeamBlue.

We’re thrilled to share a glimpse of these inspiring responses, showcasing the talent and commitment of our female colleagues at DeLaval.

Jenna Jongenotter and Sarah Johnson, product specialists on the North American advisory team. Jenna is located in Alberta Canada and Sarah is located in Texas, USA. Sarah says: “What I love most about my job is interacting with other people from all across the dairy industry, especially the opportunity to work with so many amazing women. I have been introduced to wonderful women from all over the world thanks to this job! I’ve fostered many new friendships because sharing a passion for dairying is so special. Interacting with others who share the same feelings as me makes me wake up each day excited to work.”

Paulina King, Product Manager for Milking Clusters and Teat spray solutions, Wrocław, Poland: “I have loved my job since day one, for nearly 10 years, because it is so diverse on many levels (tasks, projects, people, nationalities, routines, etc.).The best part of DeLaval is the people and the cooperative and supportive atmosphere they create – Team Blue is a great team to be a part of.”

Stefania Leonardi, Market Solution Manager AMS, FMS & FSY, Market Area South Europe – Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel & Malta: “I am a Market Solutions Manager specializing in AMS (Automated Milking Systems), FMS (Feeding Management Systems), and FSY (Farm Management Software). This encompasses everything from automation and robotics in tasks such as milking and feeding, to the development of farm management software. What do I love the most? Seeing cows and technology working seamlessly together!”

Nancy Charlton, DVM, Senior Advisor and Project Management, Market Area North America: “’How can I help?’ is a motto that I enjoy living by. At DeLaval, we are given the opportunity to help colleagues, dealers, farmers, and dairy community allies. By helping people gain knowledge, we can bring an element of enjoyment to their lives. With knowledge, systems can be put in place and goals can be achieved. This allows for personal and business growth.”

Namita Shetty, Business Controller/Director Finance, India: “What I love most about my job is my ability to transform financial data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions, thereby contributing to the growth and success of the company.”

Anna Falkenstedt, Marketing and Sales Support Coordinator at DeLaval Sales AB in Tumba, Sweden: “I walk to the office every day with a smile on my face. I’m proud of working in a company focusing on future innovations but also a company with a long and successful history”.

Alison Currie, Training Coordinator, Market Development and Sales Support – Cluster Asia Pacific: “No two days are the same! The people and passion that we all have for this industry, our customers along with the variety is what I like the most.”

Brianna Anderson, PR & Digital Communications Specialist, Market Area North America: “My favourite part of the job is being on farm with producers. I love learning how each dairy operates differently while getting to tell their story with the marketing team.”

Brittany Chase, Dairy Advisor, Market Area North America: “I was born and raised in the dairy industry and developed a passion for precision dairy technology while at University of Kentucky. My position allows me to support the dairy industry and share that knowledge and passion. Working with producers and helping them achieve labor efficiency and learn new technology gives me the feeling of giving back to an industry that made me who I am today.”

Marika Cederholm, Product Manager L&T, PMD Milk Quality & On-Farm Service Solutions, Tumba, Sweden: “Working in such a diverse and international environment is enriching – it teaches me new things every day!”

Ana Clara Straccalano, Legal Counsel LatAm, Market Area Latin America, Brazil: ““I value the diversity of multidisciplinary challenges that we have, allowing us to learn and grown in a dynamic and innovative environment.”

Kim Smith, Mgr of Finance, Tax & Treasury, Kansas City, USA: “I enjoy my workplace’s collaborative environment and the opportunity to work with talented and passionate people. I value the flexibility and autonomy that my job affords me, as it allows me to manage my own workload and schedule.”

Monica Berlese , Dairy Farm Advisor, Italy: “I really love working with cows and farmers, using data to understand the herd and to help the farmer to be more efficient.”

Kristy Campbell, Dairy Advisory Manager, Market Area North America, Kansas City, USA: “I lead a field team of 18 Advisors and Advisory Product Specialists — 10 of whom are women! I would honestly say that I have the privilege of leading a very diverse and fun team. We’ve (figuratively speaking) welcomed eight infants to the team, lost family members, celebrated birthdays, and major familial milestones together. We have fun together. We’ve cheered on each other’s success and propped each other up after failures. We just do life together — And we owe it all to the cow.”

Débora Macedo, Tax Manager Latam, Brazil: “I am proud to be part of a company that has a long and beautiful history in the dairy market and that incorporates technology and sustainability at the heart of its business.”

Caroline Ryden, Marketing and Customer Service Manager for LATAM in Jaguariuna, Brazil, says: “I love being part of a business that secures food for the world’s population. I adore the cows, and being at the farm, seeing the ‘orchestra tuned’—where everything works together smoothly—is what makes things happen and makes a difference.

Sandra Gransten, Training manager Market Area Northern Europe, Sweden: “I am so happy to be a part of Team Blue! Because we are proud and passionate about what we do and about our customers.”

Lindsey Schilling, Dairy Advisory Product Specialist from Mosinee, Wisconsin, shares, ‘My favorite aspect of my role is the opportunity to blend my passion for dairy cattle with helping dealers provide better support to our customers for sustainable milk production.”

Monica Montalbano, Applications Specialist, Udder Health Solutions, Milk Quality & On-Farm Service Solutions, Remote USA: ” I really enjoy getting to work with teams across departments on udder health projects and visiting farms to see our products in action!”

Annie Reis, Financing Specialist, Brazil: “I love being able to contribute to providing a better quality of life for our cows.. Additionally, I love working in an advanced company that prioritises employees’ quality of life, offering flexibility and freedom to make our jobs more efficient every day.”

Moa Hagelberg, Market Solution Manager- MQAH, Liners and Tubes & Farm Supply Market Area Sweden : “I really enjoy working at DeLaval because of the team spirit and the fact that we are helping the farmers by creating new products and innovations that will make their everyday easier.”