“I never really chose cows; cows chose me.”

Thibault Burg, a Market Area Development Manager, has been part of the DeLaval team for eight years. Raised on a dairy farm, today he is leveraging his lifelong knowledge to help farmers enhance value through innovative digital services.

Growing up on a dairy farm in eastern France — surrounded by vineyards and crops — Thibault’s childhood was shaped by the rural lifestyle. Therefore, it’s no surprise that even from a young age, he knew he wanted a career closely connected to nature.

Following his passion, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in agriculture followed by a master’s degree at UniLaSalle in Science and Agriculture. During that time, he enrolled in an apprenticeship program, balancing his studies with part-time work for a company in the same industry.

Thibault’s studies then took him abroad to New Zealand for an internship program. There, he had the opportunity to support a local dairy farm. “That was my first experience within the dairy industry outside of my family farm. I entered the world of cows in New Zealand,” he says.

Upon returning to France, he began his career as a Junior Solution Manager at a company specializing in software for farmers. Once again, Thibault found himself immersed in the dairy farm business area. This recurring involvement with the dairy industry leads him to muse: “It feels like I never really chose cows; cows chose me.”

Cows and software

His junior solution manager position put him in charge of ensuring the correct functioning of mobile apps for farmers. He became the bridge between farmers and developers, maintaining constant communication and delivering support when needed, which remains one of his favourite responsibilities.

In 2015, Thibault began his journey at DeLaval as Farm Management Solution Manager, overseeing DelPro and other applications on the market. After three years, he became Solution Specialist for the EMEA cluster, transitioning from working with dealers and farmers to working hand-in-hand with colleagues. However, he always prioritised maintaining an open line of communication with farmers. Reflecting on this, he emphasizes: “It is important to remember the main purpose of what we are doing, developing solutions to support farmers. Everything we are developing is for them.”

In 2023, Thibault transitioned to the role of Market Area Development Manager, working closely with the digital services offered through DeLaval Plus. He describes the digital transformation as key to remaining relevant for our customers and their needs: “With DeLaval Plus, farmers can receive actionable insights based on their farms’ data to support them in becoming more profitable, efficient, and sustainable.”

When not working to enhance the performance of dairy farms, Thibault enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and watching rugby matches.

His top recommendation for people wanting to start their journey at DeLaval would be to be curious and open to opportunities and new challenges: “One needs to think outside of the box, especially now with all the challenges coming with digital changes.”