Greenfield implementation of SAP to support business transformation at DeLaval  

  • DeLaval is undergoing a major System Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP)- focused business transformation: the greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA and complementary cloud solutions. Comprising various initiatives, this large-scale programme — programme one — is creating new SAP-focused job opportunities.
  • DeLaval’s Director of Enterprise Transformation describes the programme as one of the most exciting transformations in Northern Europe and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • Below, we explore what programme one is and the changes it will entail.

As a company built on innovation, we are constantly working to find new ways of helping our customers — dairy farmers — do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions. We have been doing this for over 140 years, and our way of doing business is constantly evolving. 

That’s why we’re launching programme one, a major business transformation aimed at enhancing operations and customer support. The programme will comprise various projects over several years and is designed to increase transparency and establish a unified way of working across DeLaval. It achieves this by covering the core areas of people, processes, and technology, and by transitioning from our current systems (SAP ECC and others) to SAP S/4HANA and complementary cloud solutions. Essentially, this transformation provides the necessary tools and solutions for conducting business both now and in the future. 

“The opportunity to be part of a true business transformation programme, with such potential benefits for our company, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would argue that programme one is probably one of the most exciting SAP-programs in Northern Europe.”

Niklas Falkeling, Director Enterprise Transformation.

What does programme one entail? 

DeLaval operates in over 100 markets worldwide, and our IT solutions must be able to support daily operations while also being flexible and scalable to meet the often unpredictable demands of the future. 

With programme one, we will update our business processes and will enable:  

  • One way of working, with global and unified processes: making us more efficient and even easier to do business with. Deviations from our way of working will only be applied in specific cases. 
  • One view of the customer, accessible to everyone involved: empowering us to make informed decisions and craft business proposals grounded in a singular, dependable source of customer data and installed base data. 
  • One complete and shared view of information at hand (master data): This aligns with the bullet point above and is designed to enhance our internal efficiency.  
  • One integrated team across DeLaval: moving towards well-defined end-to-end business processes, supported by fully integrated solutions, will help us provide even better service to our customers.

The end result will enable a ‘one solution landscape’ based on the principles of standardisation, harmonisation, and simplification. 

We’ve opted for a greenfield implementation for our new IT solution, meaning that we will be starting anew without bringing along any old customisations.

Our focus is on keeping things simple and standardised. We will not follow the ‘traditional’ route of identifying gaps in the standard solution (Fit-to-Gap) but will instead apply the standard processes from SAP (Fit-to-Standard) because we have confidence in their effectiveness. 

“Our business-driven approach — supported by a greenfield implementation based on SAP’s solutions and our conviction in harmonisation, standardisation and simplification — gives me strong confidence that we are on the right path for success.”

Daniel Lundberg, Enterprise Architect. 

Systematic rollout 

 Our new solution will be delivered in three main releases: 

  1. Business model foundation, on a clean core
  2. Projects and services enhancements
  3. Digital supply chain and analytics

The three releases will be rolled out region by region, and we are currently finalising preparations for fit to standard workshops later this spring. 

 “We are very happy to take the next step in our transformation and start programme one. It is an opportunity to take part in the transformation of our business and improve our ways of working, so we can deliver on the DeLaval business strategy.”

Stefan Schultz, VP Business Transformation.

Be part of this exciting transformation journey, DeLaval currently has several positions open in this area. Click on the ‘Want to join our team’ button to discover more.