“It is a welcoming atmosphere”

Matilda Isaksson, HR Administrator, has a long experience in DeLaval from both Hamra Conference Centre (HCC) and the Tumba office. This is her story of how she joined the company and what she finds the most rewarding.

Back in 2008, Matilda visited a friend who worked at DeLaval when she learned that there was a job available as a conference coordinator. Feeling instantly intrigued, Matilda didn’t let her application wait to be sent in. “I contacted the responsible manager and said ‘Look no further, I am the person for the job.’ I was being a bit forward, and it luckily paid off,” Matilda says.

She got the job, and for 12 years, Matilda was a devoted coordinator at Hamra Conference Centre. “My role included many different things, and that was the main thing that made it so interesting. I like working with people and planning all sorts of activities and events. And because DeLaval has so many visitors each year, my work was always super fun,” she says.

But in 2020, Matilda was ready for a new challenge. She transitioned from HCC into the head office in Tumba, and was now working as a HR Administrator. “Just like my previous job at HCC, working in the HR department allows me to work with people and colleagues across departments in the company. Together with my colleague Eva Lidberg, we manage the salaries each month and ensure that is taken care of in time. We recently changed our time reporting system in Tumba to facilitate an even smoother process for this,” Matilda says. “Throughout the year, I am also involved in the onboarding of new employees and updating our Employee Handbook regularly to ensure that they get the best possible start to their time at DeLaval. As an administrator, you must be able to manage different tasks. It entails remembering many details and being flexible about how the day might turn out. Sometimes, unforeseen things happen, but we are always ready for a challenge,” Matilda says.

Working with people, both at Hamra Conference Centre and as an HR administrator, Matilda has many fond experiences over the years. Looking back, there is one that stands out from the rest. “During my time at HCC, we had many fun events and visitors. This one experience was with an employee who traveled from the other side of the world to visit Hamra Farm for the first time. When he arrived, he was wearing sneakers and a light jacket, but this was in the middle of the winter. There was a half-meter of snow covering the ground outside the HCC building. Despite not having packed for this cold weather, his eyes lit up when he came to the farm and was finally there to visit. It was so nice to see his excitement and enthusiasm to visit the place where it all began,” says Matilda. “In general, I also really like the work experience you gain from working across the departments, both in Tumba and globally. You get to know many interesting people and have great experiences each day.”

This is something that Matilda also emphasise for anyone who wants to work for DeLaval. “It doesn’t matter where in the world you work for DeLaval, there is a down-to-earth vibe that you sense when you meet our employees. It is a very welcoming atmosphere and I truly enjoy that. And on top of that, we are working with the best product of them all – milk! I love milk and cows, and our whole purpose as a company is to create the best possible conditions for cows and farmers to be able to balance work and free time. It is also a nutritious foodstuff, which is a huge bonus besides all the tasty things you can make out of milk,” she says.

Going forward, Matilda is focusing on the newly launched time reporting system Flex HRM to be fully integrated and to work flawlessly. “This is a system that is new for us in Tumba, but we can already see that it is working well. There are some minor details left to fine-tune, but we are super pleased with how it has helped us have smoother and easier work to handle time reports and salaries. Then, we will see what the next fun project will be!” Matilda concludes.

Thank you, Matilda, for sharing your story and the great work you and your team is doing!