“I want to empower my team to support our farmers better”

Martina Dadomo’s professional and personal journey has been inspired by her philosophy of stepping out of her comfort zone. She has worked for DeLaval for 13 years in various positions and in different countries. She is an Argentinian who has been living in Sweden since 2015. Some months ago, Martina was promoted to lead a team of product managers at the Animal Area in Digital Services at DeLaval in Sweden.

Martina was born in Bahia Blanca, 700 km south of Buenos Aires, in a family of four kids where nobody else chose agricultural science as a career option. She says her love for nature comes mainly from her years as a girl scout.

“The city where I was born was not directly the countryside, and nobody in my family has a farm, but I could see the fields, and for me, that sense of being in contact with nature, biology and the combination with economics was enough to choose a path where I could be in contact with nature.”

After her five-year studies in Agricultural Science at the University Pontificia Universidad Católica Santa Maria de Los Buenos Aires, she headed to New Zealand to work on dairy farms to gain some experience. “The physical work complemented my studies. I was milking cows, cleaning the rotary, and being with the smell of manure all the time!”.

“Working as an operator was leaving my comfort zone and was a push forward. I learned what farmer´s everyday challenges are, and these experiences enriched my knowledge”.

She was supposed to stay in New Zealand for three months, but stayed a full year instead. Leadership lessons came from real-life farmers´ struggles. “I was working for a single mother with three kids who ran a cattle farm. I learned important lessons her and she was very inspiring!”.

Passion for helping farmers

While in NZ, Martina felt a call to support dairy farmers in their everyday challenges. Hence, shortly after her experience in New Zealand, she applied for a position in DeLaval as a Solution Manager in Liners and Tubes for South America, where Argentina and Chile were the most important markets. Soon after her start, she also filled a vacancy for Services and Original Parts.

“As things are always changing, I once again stepped out of my comfort zone and added more tasks to the job. I hesitated at first as I was only 23 years old, and the team consisted of technicians serving milking machines and spare parts. When I look back now, I think wow! I said “yes” to this?”  

After two years of hard work and good results, Martina joined the Services & Original Parts portfolio based in the US, near Chicago. Another country, another language. Time and experience confirms that she chose the right path to help dairy farmers globally.  

“I was part of a team in Tumba but based in the US. We worked with tools to monitor the milking machine’s vacuum levels in connection with the milking routines, the cows and the people. This was to complement the preventive maintenance and service.”  

While living in the US, Martina also visited many countries for business. “I enjoyed visiting farms, some of them were huge operations I never imagined existed. I travelled in the US and around the world”.

While living in the US, Martina also visited many countries for business. “I enjoyed visiting farms, some of them were huge operations I never imagined existed. I travelled in the US and around the world”.

Developing digital services

In 2015, Martina moved to Sweden, continuing with the same role as the US. In 2019, she started in the newly formed Digital Services to be part of the digital transformation DeLaval is going through. Martina was Product Manager of the team designing and implementing some of the DeLaval Plus applications, like Disease Risk and Reproduction Performance RePro.

Earlier this year, she was appointed manager of the Digital Services Area Animal, an important edge for developing DeLaval Plus. “One of the biggest challenges is the many things we want to do, and we must prioritise. My idea is to guide the team with the right priorities that will contribute with the biggest and best impact for DeLaval”.

“I want to empower the team to help the farmers; I can use my experience, and together, we can go faster and go further in improving the performance of DeLaval farmers”, she adds.

To keep her motivation up, Martina finds inspiration in her multicultural family. “My two kids keep me centred and motivated. The little things they do give me “reality checks”. I like to be outdoors, I started running in Swedish nature, and I have learned to appreciate the small things in life”, she says.