“The agricultural industry is a lovely environment to work in”

Nicky Oelbrandt, Market Area Marketing Manager Western Europe, has held different positions in various fields in DeLaval before her current role. Her experience gives her work an extra edge when communicating with customers. Read her story here!

DeLaval has long been in Nicky’s consciousness, as her father worked as a technician for 20 years. That, together with a passion for agriculture and dairy farming in particular, made DeLaval the obvious company to work at. She started in 2017 working as a Cluster Solution Specialist for DeLaval’s Milk Quality & Animal Health department. As time went on, she progressed to other areas of DeLaval’s portfolio. “After three years, when I was working more with consumables, I took on additional responsibilities as a Market Solution Manager Udder Health for the Benelux, next to my Cluster tasks,” she explains. 

Collaboration between departments

Today, Nicky is a Marketing Manager for the Market Area Western Europe. The region focuses on BeNelux, UK, and Ireland. “In my current role, I’m responsible for the full ‘marketing mix’, both online and offline. On a local level in Benelux, UK, and Ireland, my team and I coordinate exhibitions and open farm days, support dealers with local events, maintain our DeLaval website, push relevant content online on social media as well as offline, such as in print, in agricultural magazines, run various marketing campaigns depending on sales activities, and more. On a Cluster level – Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) – I coordinate some bigger, cluster-wide projects relevant to all market areas. That can include publishing new material for the VMS milking robot or creating marketing packages for new products, like the newly released teat dip OceanBlu™,” Nicky explains.

When asked about any special experiences during her tenure at DeLaval, Nicky shares two examples.  “When I started my first position, I traveled a lot to many countries in the EMEA cluster. It was great to meet many different colleagues and learn from their experiences. The other occasion that stands out to me is the recent launch of OceanBlu™. It is a major milestone for me personally, as we as a team have worked on the product for several years. It has been a great collaboration between Cluster colleagues, the Product Management and Development team, and the Market Development & Sales Support team. It is fantastic to see it being launched in many markets and hear the excitement from all the local teams,” says Nicky. 

People at the centre

Nicky often highlights the fact that the people at DeLaval are what makes the work experience so rewarding, alongside varied work tasks on a daily basis. The two often go hand in hand. “It is great to work in such a dynamic company, full of dedicated and passionate people. Everyone has the ‘what’s best for DeLaval and our customers’ mindset and strives for the best – every day. ‘#TeamBlue’ is really not just a slogan for social media, we live it! The fact that every day is different is also something I really appreciate. There’s always a new project, fun challenge, or intriguing problem to work on – which keeps me excited each day. On top of that, the agricultural industry is such a lovely environment to work in. Dairy farmers are very passionate about their work and it’s great to see their commitment, day in and day out,” Nicky says.

Nicky manages a team of talented people, each having their own strengths to complement each other. Teamwork and being able to adapt to the business environment are something they have built through the years. “Last year, we organised a couple of ‘#TeamBlue’ days in the entire Benelux organisation, each day seeing around 250 participants. It was great to see how all DeLaval colleagues came together and made the event such a success. We did creative presentations, hosted a quiz, as well as arranging all the practical details behind the scenes. A fantastic example of the DeLaval teamwork!” Nicky says.

Looking ahead, Nicky has some key events she finds extra exciting. “I’m looking forward to launching DeLaval Plus throughout Europe, as I really believe we have something exceptional here, which will help farmers in their daily tasks, and help improve farm and cow performance. We are also going to launch a new teat spray next year with great added value to our customers, and I’m hoping it will be a success,” Nicky concludes.

Thank you, Nicky, for sharing your story and your great work!