DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis empowers better decision-making

Tumba, Sweden 21 August 2023. New data sensor solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to alert cow health events and enables cow localization.

Managing a dairy herd just got easier with the aid of DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis – the latest farm management tool which uses data sensors to record each animal’s behaviour, analyzes each cow’s data using artificial intelligence (AI) and helps dairy producers identify sick cows and cows in heat.

The new system from DeLaval, a global leader in the dairy industry, can also track cows’ localization in the barn every second of every day, making it easier to find cows that need attention. Daily updates and real-time information delivered to farmers’ smartphones help them manage their to-do lists more efficiently and effectively.

“By responding to a cow quickly and with the right action, producers can drive the performance of their farm by increasing cow productivity and welfare,” said Joaquín Azocar, Solution Manager, DeLaval Farm Management Systems.

“Producers with DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis in their farm management toolbox have total visibility and oversight of their cows.”

The system works with new DeLaval BioSensors ear tags, which automatically communicate with nodes installed throughout the barn. The data is shared with our artificial intelligence model; DeLaval DeepBlue – which analyses the information using sophisticated models of cow behavior . The system provides state-of-the-art heat detection, rumination and eating behaviour calculations and returns this information to farmers in the form of actionable intelligence so they can make better, faster and more accurate decisions.

The Riddells, who milk 90 cows in Ontario, Canada, installed DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis to help them take better care of their herd. “If the cow is not feeling well, the graph on the computer will tell us before we can see it,” said Jaclyn Riddell. Her husband, Travis, also noted that the AI-component takes herd management to the next level. “It’s looking behind the scenes and can find things quicker than we can,” he said.

As many farms struggle to find and retain skilled people, DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis promotes a better work experience for farmers and their staff by taking the guesswork out of the equation. The tool, which is available with or without cow localization, can suit multiple barn layouts and reporting requirements.

DeLaval Plus Behaviour Analysis will be launched in selected countries during 2023 and 2024.

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