“Motivation takes you far in DeLaval”

Monica Berlese, Dairy Farm Advisor, is helping our customers in Italy to have the best farm possible, and she has always had a great interest in sustainability. Read about how she came in contact with DeLaval and initiated her career here!

Monica comes directly from the University of Udine where she majored in sustainability and dairy farming and from the outset, she thought DeLaval would be an interesting company to work for. She initiated a research project using the Body Condition Scoring (BCS) camera and DelPro, and that was the first contact she had with the company. “During my studies at university, my ambition was to find a job in R&D for a big company and DeLaval seemed like the perfect match for me. My research project was a golden opportunity, and I got to meet the people who later became my colleagues. Following the research project, I worked occasionally as an external advisor, and a few months after that, I joined the team full-time,” says Monica. 

Learning new things

She started at DeLaval in May 2019 as a District Sales Manager in northern Italy, focusing on our capital goods assortment. “As a District Sales Manager, I grew up a lot professionally and I learned about sales. There were many new lessons for me. Some of the things I learned were how to deal with our customers and dealers, how to identify the best solution for the farmers and guide them to the best choice for them, as well as knowing more about all DeLaval systems and solutions. In parallel as I grew professionally, I also learned how to manage my time, allocating time for my loved ones and my passions. I started to believe more in myself and my abilities and not be afraid to ask for help if I needed it.  Plus, I learned how to work in a team, which has been a delight,” says Monica.

After almost four years in that role, she switched to being a Dairy Farm Advisor. In a way, she revisited some areas where she started off as a consultant, but with a lot more experience. Today, her role as an advisor is varied and she is adding to her experience. “My daily work is always different. In my role, I coordinate a fantastic group of external farm advisors in Italy. My focus is to make sure all our customers can use their DeLaval system in the best possible way, both our Automatic Milking System (AMS) and Conventional Milking System (CMS). I do that with my team, and together we ensure the farmers get the best experience as well as making sure they can milk in a sustainable way,” says Monica. “As an advisor, I also coordinate courses for our advisors and meetings for professionals that work with our farmers. I currently work with the start-up of the newest system in the area, such as big farms with VMSs, batch milking, and rotaries, as well as support sales with zootechnical inputs.”

Supporting our customers

Monica’s experience in the field and her academic background were essential during one of the many projects she’s been involved with. “The most interesting selling experience to me has been a batch milking system with 12 VMS robots. At first, the farmer was convinced of having a free cow traffic system in a very long barn, but I saw many difficulties in managing that. After many meetings and constructive discussions with the farmer together with our dealer, I asked the farmer to consider a batch milking system. And now, in June, we are going to start up their new batch milking system with 12 VMSs and a total of 600 milking cows. It feels great to be heavily involved in the process of advising farmers to get the best solution for the animals and their farms. This is one way we can help make farms more sustainable,” says Monica.

And cows are indeed at the centre at DeLaval. Innovating for the best possible animal welfare solutions is a key driver that Monica highlights about the company. “DeLaval is a great company, with a focus on cows and innovation. When you start working at DeLaval, your blood becomes Blue! Being motivated takes you far in DeLaval. It can give you great experiences, grow a lot, and learn something every day. We encounter challenges every day, but everyone in the company is always ready to support and help out. That is really the Team Blue spirit! We are all working in an international environment and we can all contribute to the success of our teams and the company as a whole,” Monica says.

Going forward, Monica is really excited to grow into her new role. “As I have just started my new position, I have many ideas and projects I’m working on with my colleagues and I hope to see them develop in the coming years,” Monica concludes.

Thank you, Monica, for sharing your story and for your great achievements in DeLaval so far!