“I am impressed every day”

Tadas Gudauskas, Solution Manager Aftermarket, shares his story from his first four years at DeLaval, what he and his colleagues in the Baltics are working on, and what future project he looks forward to.

Tadas joined DeLaval in April 2019 as a Solution Manager Feeding Systems, before he back in August 2021 temporarily left DeLaval. After his one-year hiatus, he came back in August 2022 and started his current position as a Solution Manager Aftermarket in the Baltic countries. As a Solution Manager Aftermarket, Tadas’s responsibilities relate to overseeing and managing DeLaval’s aftermarket products in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).

Tadas Gudauskas, Solution Manager Aftermarket.

All ideas are valuable

Tadas’s daily work entails a variety of aspects relating to our aftermarket assortment. “In general, my job is to make sure that the Aftermarket sales team has high product knowledge, knows what competitors are offering, and – when discussing with a farmer – is confident what DeLaval product from our assortment would be most suitable for the customer’s situation,” he says. “I also have other responsibilities that are a bit more complex. I do market analysis, new product introductions, product training, planning marketing campaigns, product price management, analysing sales results, and management of product life cycles. All this together can be called ‘Aftermarket business development’,” Tadas adds.

Tadas has a special insight into how it is to start working for DeLaval in a new team, as he has held two positions in a span of four years. The job roles have been focused on different parts of our product assortment, but there are still commonalities between the two – and that is the people. “In both of my roles, I have instantly felt welcomed by my colleagues. It sounds cliché, but it really has been like joining a big family. Everyone’s ideas and initiatives are valuable, driven by our common goal to help our customers while developing and growing our business,” says Tadas. “Besides all our great colleagues in DeLaval and the teamwork that we have, I also really enjoy working for DeLaval thanks to the company’s global reach. It is truly an international environment. I have previously worked in local companies, and the difference is huge. In DeLaval, we have modern ways to set targets and keep teams engaged, and this is something I am impressed by every day. We make sure that we have meaningful meetings and keep the productivity level high. Lastly, it also helps a lot that I get to work with DeLaval’s great product assortment on a daily basis,” Tadas says.

Artificial Intelligence – a game changer

Starting now, Tadas together with colleagues is focusing on implementing performance plans in the Baltics. Performance plans are great for teams to align on how to work based on the company strategy and to grow the aftermarket business. “I am very excited about embarking on this journey with the implementation of performance plans. This is for sure the right way forward for us. Although it might sound straightforward, the implementation process will require a lot of dedication from myself and my colleagues. We must find a way to make it work, starting by conducting several different evaluations and developing a process description. It is a big project, but I look forward to working on developing the performance plans,” says Tadas.

For anyone that is interested in joining DeLaval, Tadas has identified a few key traits that would be beneficial for the applicant. “If you like teamwork, are enthusiastic and motivated to help the business grow, you will feel right at home in DeLaval and be a successful part of the company.”

Going forward, Tadas sees great potential in the dairy industry and hopes to see more development in the field of artificial intelligence, among other things. “Artificial intelligence is constantly developing in society, and the dairy industry is no different. Still, we have the potential to develop the technology even further, which will result in DeLaval being able to support dairy farmers even more than today, I think. I truly believe AI and technology will be game changers for the future of dairy farming and help farmers be more efficient and profitable – do more with less – and I am excited to see what we at DeLaval will develop in the years to come,” Tadas concludes.

Thank you, Tadas, for sharing your story and for your great work in developing our aftermarket business in the Baltics together with your team!