Artificial intelligence enhances farmer insight

DeLaval Plus is a portal for an ever-growing set of cloud-based services that enable advanced farm management analysis and reporting. By drawing on the latest in data processing, farmers can ensure that their cows are healthy, well looked after, and milked efficiently, safely and sustainably. The portal is powered by DeLaval DeepBlue, which uses artificial intelligence to find patterns and trends in data from connected DeLaval farms all around the world.

“We’ve come a long way with farm data in recent years, but DeLaval Plus takes data insight to the next level by drawing on tens of millions of data points from around the world to empower farmers to make better everyday decisions,” explains René Kolbach, Business Development and Go to Market Manager. “DeepBlue will continue to evolve and better serve our customers as more farms and data points are connected globally.”

As of March 2023, DeLaval Plus had been launched in eight markets around the world, with plans to introduce the portal to another 12 countries during 2023.

“DeLaval Plus will also support our dealers who are our essential business partners,” says Kolbach. “Enhanced analysis of the performance of DeLaval milking systems through DeLaval Plus will enable our dealers to better understand farmer needs and deliver an even higher level of service and more proactive support to their customers.”