DeLaval celebrates 140 years in dairy

Tumba, Sweden, 5 April 2023 ─ DeLaval honours the spirit of innovation – celebrating the dairy farmers of the world.

Ever since its establishment in April 1883, DeLaval has focused on pioneering solutions that help dairy farmers and their animals. That focus lives on today. “It is our role to make the dairy farmers’ lives better through innovation, quality and through commitment. This means finding more sustainable ways to farm so that they can be successful and in turn, provide the world with nutritious food now and in the future,” says Paul Löfgren, DeLaval President & CEO. 

Automation and digitalisation are increasingly important in the dairy industry and the demand from customers is increasing. “We are grateful and proud for the continued trust our customers put in us and our solutions. Today we celebrate our heritage, but more than that, we commit to the future, to challenge ourselves to live up to the spirit of Gustaf de Laval, who founded the company 140 years ago. We will together with our dealers, partners and customers help lead this great industry into the future. We will throughout this year celebrate with our customers and business partners via various local events and festivities,” says Löfgren. “The company started by an inventor will not stop inventing, says Löfgren”.

The company´s founder Gustaf de Laval, registered AB Separator to exploit his invention: the centrifugal separator that was patented in 1878.