Good career opportunities and global reach at DeLaval

As a world leading supplier of dairy production solutions, DeLaval opens up to a wide range of possible professional roles and exciting career paths for employees. With a long history, a broad knowledge base and a global network, DeLaval offers every employee both great development opportunities and a chance to influence both their own career journey and the industry at large.

Sara Pihl has worked at DeLaval since 2020, first as a sales representative to then advance to project manager in August 2022. Today she feels at home in her new role, in which she works with customers around the world planning large dairy farms.

“A large part of the time I work from home with drawings in programs such as AutoCAD. Within my team, we are scattered all over Sweden. In addition to the head office in Tumba outside Stockholm, the team is based in Örebro, Skåne and on Gotland, so most of the communication takes place via a video platform. I am based in Uppsala, and depending on the assignment I can sometimes commute to Tumba a couple of times a month. I am still learning and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to grow into my role,” says Sara.

Most of Sara’s travel consist of trainings, customer meetings and farm visits, where the projects are discussed with DeLaval representatives and customers in the specific country.

“One of the reasons I wanted to work at DeLaval was the global reach. I am interested in traveling and learning how milk production and animal husbandry looks in different countries. In addition, there is the security within the company to be able to move with the job if life takes you to a different place. There are many advantages of DeLaval, and I know several colleagues who have stayed here for their entire career,” Sara concludes.

Martin Duru has worked as Business Controller at DeLaval since 2020. As Business Controller Martin coordinates financial reporting and planning at the various units within the group and follows up on the results of in-depth analyses so that the company can draw conclusions and make important decisions.

“I had been interested in working for an industrial company for a while,” says Martin. “As DeLaval, which will soon turn 140 years old, is also a major global player in the business of modern systems and processes there are extensive data available, which is valuable when conducting an analysis. At the same time as DeLaval has this amazing knowledge base the company is also characterized by innovation and engineering – the state-of-the-art milking robots are just one example of this,” Martin explains.

Martin works at the head office in Tumba, not far from DeLaval’s own farm Hamra Farm.

“It’s a bit different than working in the city. In fact, I can see the cows as well as the factory from my window. It is cool to have a view of the whole value chain. I feel a sense of belonging to the business, in spite of just working with numbers. Worth mentioning is also that there is a great atmosphere here at DeLaval, and I have many nice colleagues. For anyone considering a position at DeLaval there are plenty of development opportunities, where I have seen many examples of long and interesting careers.”