DeLaval launches the next-generation rotary milking system E500

Stockholm, Sweden, 20 March 2023 – DeLaval launches its cutting-edge DeLaval Rotary E500 rotary milking system. The integrated system increases milking efficiency, streamlines worker routines, automates the selecting and sorting of cows, and minimizes stress on dairy cows.

“The DeLaval E-series rotaries represent a new era in efficient dairy technology,” said Gary Edwards, Rotary Cluster Solution Specialist. “We have taken a 360-degree view of our customers´ needs, prioritizing operator safety, animal welfare, farm profitability, food safety and work efficiency.”

The new generation of rotaries, offered in the E100, E300 and E500 models, optimize cow flow by prioritizing cow comfort in the designs of DeLaval FastBail™ and DeLaval FastExit™ systems, which help position and move cows efficiently. The rotary works with cows’ natural movements and physiology for a fast, gentle milking experience, and is controlled from the DeLaval Rotary Cockpit™. The operator has access to the status of each cow being milked, automatic start and speed functions, monitoring cameras and crowd gate controls. Each cow can be monitored at every bail to ensure safety. The demands of a 24/7 operation are met with DeLaval WorkSure™, a design feature of the E500 rotary that includes durable componentry, back-up drive systems and hardware making it possible to carry out many cleaning and service tasks without stopping milking.

Flow-Responsive™ Milking, DeLaval’s new, exclusive feature for DeLaval DelPro™ herd management, can be equipped on all E-series rotaries, ensures optimal milk flow for each cow through an innovative process that prioritizes a cow’s natural milk flow. Flow-Responsive Milking uses flow-adjusted vacuum technology that monitors each cow’s milk flow and modifies the vacuum level according to her individual needs.

DeLaval Rotary E500

Every aspect of the E500 rotary is designed to optimise performance and give the maximum cows per hour throughput. The E500 rotary is the most efficient milking rotary in DeLaval featuring a design to generate throughput efficiency. The E100 and E300 is the ideal choice for producers looking for the benefits of DeLaval rotary milking on a small to medium scale, which could enable one person to do all the milking.

“E-series rotaries tick all of the boxes for our customers,” Edwards continued. “The milking itself is simpler, calmer and more comfortable, and the unparalleled service, support and advisory from the DeLaval team, including our network of local dealers, is what makes the E-series rotaries some of the most efficient milking systems on the market today. Along with DeLaval Flow responsive Milking™ and robotic teat spay solutions with the DeLaval TSR™, the E-Series rotaries offer our customers the most labour efficient rotary whilst maximising the milk production per cow.”

DeLaval TSR™

With a performance plan from DeLaval including proactive delivery of consumables and services, through our different InService™ All-Inclusive packages, and expert advisory service we can help make sure that your E-Series rotary is performing to its highest potential over many years to come.

E500 is not available in all markets, please contact the local DeLaval market representative for more information.