“To be more sustainable in the long-term perspective”

Syamend Al Ali, Factory Manager, is heading our team in the Tumba Factory. He recently started in his position but a lot of exciting things are already happening. Read the article to learn more!

Being DeLaval’s headquarters, Tumba is an important site in the company. Our VMS robot is made in the factory and to make sure everything works smoothly you need a great team. That team is headed by our new Factory Manager, Syamend Al Ali. He started on 1 October 2022 and has since focused on getting to know the company, processes, and team. “The first period has been intense but at the same time very inspiring. I have gotten to know a lot about the company and the team, and I am still learning about all the functions and components of the VMS.”

Syamend Al Ali

As the factory manager, Syamend has a lot of responsibilities to ensure that everyone can perform their work safely while overseeing operations. “I am in charge of operating the factory in Tumba, leading the development of the factory organisation to maximize customer satisfaction and optimize financial performance. As important as that is, employee safety is at the very top of my agenda, together with driving the DeLaval Production System to be the best in class with all team members,” he says. 

A positive welcome
Syamend is leading the Factory Management team, in which he has regular meetings to ensure they are proceeding with the work as planned. “The factory team consists of myself, the production manager, engineering manager, quality manager, and DeLaval production systems manager. It is very important to include a variety of competencies in the team to complement each other’s skills. We have close contact with several departments in the organisation to ensure our work is as good as possible. Besides the core team, I have functional support from Human Resources and Controlling,” Syamend says.

What really stood out for Syamend during his first few months in DeLaval is how the company acts towards its employees, something he views as crucial for a healthy team. It has built and strengthened the culture in DeLaval to help each other and make things happen. “The engagement I see from all my colleagues and across all employees I have met in DeLaval comes from the sustainable way the company takes care of everyone working here. Everyone is super dedicated to their tasks and to reaching our targets. Another thing that stands out for me is the flexibility of the team. They can change their ways of working and shift focus that is deemed necessary for the moment to deliver the products to the customers. This mentality is on a very high level,” Syamend happily states.

Increasing the production
Automated solutions are increasingly asked for among dairy farmers. To meet this increased demand, we are going to increase the capacity of production. Syamend is part of driving this project and making production even more efficient.

“The project we now start to increase the factory’s capacity is really inspiring to be part of. It will be something special and different from the way we work today, which I see as something positive. The factory has the ambition to end this project by being the best in class with a high level of automation and digitalization, which will be crucial for us to meet our goals and work smarter in the future. The factory management team that will drive this project is totally new and we are still recruiting relevant and important competencies to enable us to conduct the project smoothly. As a result of this project, we aim to increase the production by 50%, as well as it is going to be a more efficient and sustainable VMS production from a long-term perspective,” Syamend concludes.

Thank you, Syamend, for sharing your story and your great work, and we wish you all the best in the upcoming factory project!