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Year: 2023

December 2023

“It is a welcoming atmosphere”

Matilda Isaksson, HR Administrator, has a long experience in DeLaval from both Hamra Conference Centre (HCC) and the Tumba office. This is her story of how she joined the company and what she finds the most rewarding. Back in 2008, Matilda visited a friend who worked at DeLaval when she learned that there was a […]

Automatic body condition scoring improves cows’ performance

In a recent study conducted in the United States in collaboration with DeLaval’s Scientific Committee, Body Condition Score (BCS) proved to be key in improving performance in herds. The study’s main objective was to better understand the impact of the changes in BCS during the dry period and early lactation on variables that are significant […]

November 2023

“It has given me more tools to develop new ideas”

Elke Depreester, Senior Technical Service Specialist, is on a constant journey to learn new things and develop innovative solutions that will help dairy farmers become more sustainable and increase their performance. As a veterinarian who is especially interested in dairy advisory and management of dairy farms, Elke thought that DeLaval would be a perfect fit […]

Milk Sustainability Center website

Turning the dairy sector into a net-zero emissions industry is something that can only be achieved together. John Deere and DeLaval have joined efforts to create a digital eco-system to help dairy farmers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. A first version of the Milk Sustainability Center will be released during summer 2024 but […]

DeLaval launches a swinging brush for beef cattle

Stockholm, Sweden, 1 November 2023 – DeLaval extends the range of swinging cow brushes with the new DeLaval swinging beef brush SBB. Grooming helps animals remove dirt, parasites and other contaminants from skin and hair and it positively influences the animals’ state of mind. Research shows that cows are just as motivated to groom as […]

October 2023

“I want to empower my team to support our farmers better”

Martina Dadomo’s professional and personal journey has been inspired by her philosophy of stepping out of her comfort zone. She has worked for DeLaval for 13 years in various positions and in different countries. She is an Argentinian who has been living in Sweden since 2015. Some months ago, Martina was promoted to lead a […]