”The mix of advanced technology and nature is something I really enjoy”

With many years’ experience from DeLaval, even before he joined the company, Magnus Storbjörk has worked with many of the digital solutions in DeLaval products. Learn more about his journey in this article!

Machine learning that Digital Services is working with is used in many solutions in the barn. This is a big step towards making dairy farming more sustainable. Magnus Storbjörk, Manager of Big Data & Machine Learning Team, explains, “We have collected data from our systems for many years and it is now time for my team to find value and extract useful knowledge from the data – for deeper understanding and decision support. We aim to help the farmers taking the right decisions by not only giving them the data but also help them understand what to do with it.”

Magnus Storbjörk

One could say that Magnus’s DeLaval journey started back in 1969. It was the year his grandparents moved from Finland to start working for DeLaval as, both in the factory and office in Tumba, until they retired. Both Magnus’s parents also worked for DeLaval during their careers, so it was a natural choice for Magnus to join Team Blue back in 2001. Throughout his two decades at DeLaval, Magnus has held many different positions in the fields of electronics and software. “I started off my journey at DeLaval as an Electronical Engineer, mostly in embedded software. After four years, I joined the Software team where I worked on developing DelPro for a few years and in 2013, I became a Scrum Master, which has been very useful in my projects ever since,” Magnus says.

In 2014, Magnus and his family were offered to move to Poland to help develop the software team in DeLaval. During his tenure in Wroclaw, he recruited 30 developers and assisted in enabling close cooperation with the development team based in Tumba, Sweden. After two and a half years in Poland, Magnus and the family moved back to Sweden and the Tumba office. “Once I was back in Sweden, I started working with electronics again. I became a manager of the electronics team that developed the VMS V300. After the V300 was launched, I once again took the opportunity to try a new thing in DeLaval and I joined the new Digital Services division. Today, I am managing two teams – one mobile app development team and one big data and machine learning team,” Magnus says.

After over 20 years in DeLaval, Magnus has many good memories from different projects but there is one period in his career that stands out. “I really enjoyed the opportunity I had to move to Poland, and I learned a lot. I felt that I grew into an even better leader for my colleagues and it has shaped my way of working. I interviewed over 200 candidates to our software development team – hiring 30 – and I got to introduce them to DeLaval as a company. I showed them Sweden and Tumba and what our culture at DeLaval is – One DeLaval. I am very happy for that experience,” says Magnus.

So, what are the best thing about working for DeLaval, according to him? “I would say, apart from being able to try different things in the company, that it is to work closely with the customers. During my time in the company I have visited over 100 farms in 20 different countries. Also having the factory and test farm (Hamra Farm) in Tumba close to our office is great. We work with really high-tech equipment and advanced technologies and are still able to take time to pet the cows and be close to nature. That mix is something that I really enjoy,” he says.

Going forward, Magnus and his team have many interesting projects going on. “It is going to be really exciting to see what we can do in my new team with machine learning and advanced data science; for example, how we can predict equipment failures and diseases before they happen,” Magnus concludes.

Thank you, Magnus, for sharing your story, your great work, and giving more insight to the tech-department we have at DeLaval!