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Year: 2021

March 2021

Sustainability report 2020 now available

At DeLaval we strive towards our vision by addressing animal welfare, reducing the environmental impact, improving working conditions and boost profitability in everything we do, both on farms and in our own operations. Overall, we continue to look at sustainability from three main perspectives; Environment, Food and Animal Welfare, and we have identified 10 priority […]

“Bringing newness and innovation to either products or processes should be easy and fun”

Anna Lindquist, Director Strategic Program Office, will support DeLaval in the important innovation work ahead. She was part of initiating the Master thesis to map our CO2 footprint that is used as a base for our future sustainability work. Before joining DeLaval, Anna worked 10 years for the truck manufacturer Scania. Her interest in DeLaval […]

DeLaval VMS™ batch milking – a new approach for large dairy farms

Flexible robotic set up allows batch milking for larger farms to utilize the benefits of DeLaval VMS™ V300 and V310 in a new way. The consolidation of farms worldwide is picking up speed and is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand for efficient automatic milking solutions amongst larger dairy farms. “With the successful […]

February 2021

From touching udders to touching screens

In Southwestern Ontario, Canada, Sytse and Anita Heeg milk their 156 cows with three DeLaval VMS. By using technology to provide data from their herd, they allow for better decision making and changes in farm practices where it is needed the most. Early on, Sytse and Anita wanted a family farm that could run without […]

”You can really feel the passion and commitment from all colleagues”

Edouard Alix, Cluster Solution Manager AMS & Cooling in EMEA, shares his story from his time in DeLaval. “In this new role I have the chance to work with a great team and try to facilitate the communication between each entity. For me, I could easily define the key to success with ‘collective intelligence’. With […]

Long-term thinking is key when planning a modern dairy farm

Anyone investing in a new dairy farm, needs to plan for what that farm will be like now but also in 15-20 years. It’s a large capital investment so it’s critical to think ahead. “Animal welfare, milk quality and manure handling are amongst the most important aspects when planning a sustainable and modern dairy farm,” […]