100,000 DeLaval swinging cow brushes sold worldwide

Stockholm, Sweden, 15 December 2021 – DeLaval has just sold it’s 100,000th swinging cow brush. To celebrate, it’s introducing an updated model.

Today over five million cows are enjoying a good scrub from a DeLaval swinging cow brush. The first swinging cow brush was launched in 2003, and now 100,000 of them are making life better for cows in more than 80 countries.   Sophie and Christopher Lode, owners of the Basse Moriere Farm in France, owns the 100,000th brush. “We chose our DeLaval brush primarily for the comfort it provides the cows. It’s also the one we know the best – the one we see the most on farms – and we work well with the dealer in our area,“ says Christopher Lode.

In line with the 100,000 milestone, DeLaval is now launching its 2022 patented version, the DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB3. This updated version is designed to be even more robust and easier to install. “In addition, the packaging material has been reduced so we can now fit 30% more brushes in one truck resulting in less transports,” says William Eriksson, Cluster Solution Manager.

Like its predecessor, this version is also designed to improve cow health, comfort and welfare, and scientific studies show it can help to increase milk production*.

“The cows choose when they wish to be brushed and the brush starts to rotate when in contact with the cow. It swings freely in all directions and the bristles are the right length and hardness to stimulate blood circulation whilst helping the cow to stay clean and calm,” says Eriksson.

​* Schukken and Young. Field Study on milk production and mastitis effect of the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush. 2009. Cornell University