“Advisory services are an important piece in the puzzle”

From Solution Manager, advisory services to currently working as Sales Manager E-commerce & Retailers, Susanna Berg has been involved in many exciting projects at DeLaval. Read the article to learn more about her journey.

Susanna joined DeLaval in 2014 after she had been working at Svensk Mjölk (Swedish dairy association) with, among other things, milk quality and business development. She applied for the job as a Solution Manager for MQAH in DeLaval Sales and she landed the role. She instantly felt that this role was like tailor made for her. “DeLaval has always been an interesting company for me based on my education. What drew me the most to DeLaval was the opportunity to work in a global agricultural company with the possibility to work abroad,” Susanna Berg says.

Susanna Berg

​​​​​​​She studied Agriculture and Rural Management bachelor programmeat the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). There she got a broad education from “farm to fork” which has been very useful at DeLaval as it is a broad work area from development to customers.

​Increased focus on Advisory

After her role as Solution Manager MQAH, she became a Farm Advisory Manager for five years. During her time as a Farm Advisory Manager she got to help develop the advisory business for DeLaval in Northern Europe. “When I started seven years ago, we hardly had any advisory services to offer our customers. In parallel as I was working as a Solution Manager, I got to work with the implementation of advisory services in Sweden which led me to then work full-time with it. It has been an amazing journey to be part of, to together with my team see how our customers can improve their productivity thanks to good advice. When it comes to automation and sensors, advisory services are an important piece in the puzzle. It can build a solid foundation regarding decisions and management on farms. Combining the customer-owned data with advisory, a customer knows how to utilise the DeLaval solutions in the best possible way,” Susanna explains.

Susanna has had many rewarding experiences during her time in DeLaval and she feels that the company met the expectations she had before joining. “The best thing with working for DeLaval is that it is a dynamic workplace with super engaged colleagues all around the world. Team Blue really do exist! Despite it being a global company, it does feel familiar. And for me personally having a huge interest in primary production and sustainable farming, it is a bonus to work in a company that works for improving farming and making it even more sustainable. Also, in DeLaval everyone has the possibility to work in different departments and roles which is both inspiring and gives you a good mix of experiences and skills,” Susanna says.

Looking forward to a new challenge

Now, she is just beginning a new journey in DeLaval in her new role as Sales Manager E-commerce and Retailers. This means she has a new team and work assignments that she looks forward to learning more about. “As I am quite new to my current position, I am first and foremost looking forward to start working with my new and relatively young team. To learn more about sales is also super inspiring. I have also been part of the new report from Lantmännen in Sweden, where DeLaval has been one of the contributors, focusing on the future of dairy farming and beef production. The result show that Swedish dairy and beef production can reduce climate emissions in line with Paris agreement. I was part of a couple of projects that contributed to the report, so I look forward  to working in the industry towards an even more sustainable food system.,” Susanna concludes.

Thank you, Susanna, for sharing your story and for your enthusiasm! Super inspiring to see how one can work in different departments in our company!