DeLaval supports Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

The global dairy sector has joined forces to accelerate climate action and help reduce dairy’s impact on the planet. This initiative aims to reduce GHG emissions across the dairy sector. The entire international dairy supply chain, which produces nutritious foods for six billion people and provides livelihoods for one billion people worldwide, is called on to increase its climate ambition and unite behind this movement.

DeLaval has been collaborating with Global Dairy Platform for a long time and is an affiliated member of the Dairy Sustainability Framework.

“As a supporter of Global Dairy Platforms initiative, Pathways to Dairy Net Zero, DeLaval recognizes that dairy helps create sustainable food systems, ensuring high-quality nutrition for all. Reducing emissions today will safeguard nutrition security and sustain a billion livelihoods for tomorrow,” says Paul Löfgren, President & CEO.

“At DeLaval, we believe that we primarily can contribute by improving production and process efficiency to further reduce the GHG emissions intensity of milk and dairy products. Through our products and services, we can have a strong influence on animals’ health and welfare. This has a direct impact on GHG emission, specifically on enteric gases (enteric methane emissions from ruminant animals) while reducing productivity losses. This is a critical side of sustainability where we can be contributing experts, fully capable of improving efficiency and capabilities at farm level,” says Fabian Bernal, Head of Sustainability.

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