”The Company ensures that every voice is heard”

Sylwia Pawlaczyk, Product Safety and Compliance Advisor, has gathered many valuable experiences during her time at DeLaval, helping her grow in her professional role. Read about her time at DeLaval and what made her join Team Blue.

Sylwia joined DeLaval while she was studying back in 2015 as an intern as a Component Engineer. DeLaval has had a big influence in how she sees and utilise her full potential in the tasks she faces. She is now working in the Quality & Compliance department as a Product Safety and Compliance Advisor.

“I would describe myself as a ‘DeLaval child’, as it was at DeLaval I developed and discovered my potential. Right before I graduated, I was offered a Technical Writer position in the MEMO department. After a few months I took over the role of Planning Coordinator. That challenging role gave me experience in both short- and long-term planning and thanks to the cross-departments collaboration, I also developed my communication skills,” says Sylwia.

Sylwia Pawlaczyk

A big reason for Sylwia to accept the role she was offered was thanks to the freedom and trust she felt from both the company and her colleagues. “I believe that trust and a safe environment are the most important elements of an employee-employer relationship. These two factors allow high potential individuals to spread their wings and naturally contribute to the development of the company. DeLaval offers that freedom to grow as a professional whilst maintain work-life balance, which got me very interested in joining the company,” she says.

Since 2019, Sylwia is part of the Product Compliance team and feels she has super passionate, committed and experienced colleagues around her. A big part of the continuous development of expertise revolves around preparing regulatory strategies for DeLaval and sharing experiences within the team.

One of her initial tasks in her role in Product Compliance was to improve the internal communication so that everyone understood the difficult nomenclature. “This was an ambitious task, but I was up for the challenge. It was during this project that the Product Compliance newsletter, training framework, and a new info page were born. We have since had very good response to our efforts. This taught me the important lesson that expert knowledge is only useful when it can be properly passed on to and understood by another person.”

So, what does Sylwia think are the best things with working at DeLaval? She replies, “I am impressed by the high work culture and development opportunities that DeLaval offers. The company ensures that every voice is heard. I am extremely proud of all the activities DeLaval is involved in to empower women and ensure equality in the workplace, which is reflected in the increasing number of women in leadership positions in the organisation.”

Looking ahead, Sylwia has several exciting projects she is involved in. “Nowadays, in order to maintain market access for the assortment, it is necessary to react quickly and agilely to product regulatory changes. For example, changes resulting from Brexit and new UK market requirements. Therefore, the Product Compliance Team is involved in big projects and that gives me the fantastic opportunity to share my expertise with the organization, prepare processes and develop my project management skills in practice. It is an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to see what happens next!” she concludes.

Thank you, Sylwia, for sharing your story and for the great work you do!