”Everything I have done before was in preparation for this”

After a long career as a consultant, Magnus Dahlhjelm, Head of UX, embarked on a new adventure and joined DeLaval’s Digital Services department.  

Magnus has worked in DeLaval for just over a year since and as the Head of User Experience (UX), he is a big part of the digital development that DeLaval is doing. Him and his family moved south west of Stockholm and that made him decide it was time to embark on a new adventure. “The fact that I had worked as a consultant, along with our move, it felt appropriate to start my new journey in Tumba. Adding to that, my grandmother lived in Tumba and every time we visited her, I asked about the big building on the field and every time my father told the story of the great innovator Gustaf de Laval. In hindsight, maybe that was a clue to where I would be working in the future?” Magnus says.  

As DeLaval focus a lot on digital solutions and support systems for our customers, a good user experience is key to ensure farmers can use the products in an easy and intuitive way. This felt like the perfect job for Magnus. “I think my whole tenure this first year at DeLaval has been an amazing experience. Being given the opportunity and possibility to be part of this fantastic journey is a major adventure. When people ask why I joined DeLaval and what I like about it, I always say that all my previous professional choices and activities has – in their own right – led me to this situation. As if everything I have done before was in preparation for this. It probably sounds weird or pompous but that is how I feel. This is probably the beginning of a beautiful journey together with DeLaval,” Magnus explains.  

He continues, “The last year has shaped me into becoming a more pragmatic and insightful person. Throwing myself into, for me, an entirely unknown industry and being able to apply my collected experiences and knowledge is humbling and yet truly inspirational. In many ways I would say that is has made me a more content and happy person – I mean, what is there not to like about working with cows?” 

 When asked about what the best things with working at DeLaval are, Magnus replies, “I could probably not point out one single best thing, but being surrounded by some amazingly skilled colleagues and to constantly learn new things after almost 30 years in the design industry is truly exceptional. So far, I haven’t had a single dull day at work.” 

He elaborates further, “For people who want to join DeLaval, I must say that this is an opportunity to join in on an unprecedented  journey of change and transformation in a company that, in essence, wants to change. I have almost always been with companies to promote change and transformation and in almost all situations, it has been a case of an uphill struggle in headwind. At DeLaval it is almost the opposite of that – a tailwind on steroids.” 

As the digital transformation journey for DeLaval is starting, Magnus is looking forward to playing an active role in the success of the company. “I am a journey-, not a destination-, guy, so I will enjoy the process and projects we embark on. With that said, I know that we have a significant workload ahead of us with different challenges. In addition, I look forward to growing my team and add even more great colleagues to share this journey with. I would love to see us doubling up and increase our ability to do great stuff together and have a fantastic time doing it,” Magnus concludes.  

Thank you, Magnus, for sharing your story and for your great enthusiasm. We look forward what you and your team will do in the years to come!