DeLaval Parlour P100 – designed for family farms and grassland customers

Stockholm, Sweden, 12 July 2021 – Introducing a new parlour that delivers a smooth milking process, using less resources and enables the right automation for each farm.

Introducing a new parlour that delivers a smooth milking process, using less resources and enables theDeLaval P100 is a result of many years of development using input from customers with a focus on work efficiency, animal welfare and farm profitability.  It is compatible with both a highly advanced management system like DelPro connected and a standalone system. right automation for each farm.

“With the P100 we present a new side by side parlour that combines simplicity, functionality and extraordinary efficiency in a conventional exit system,” says Karol Ferenc, DeLaval Cluster Solution Specialist Parlours. “We are pleased with the performance achieved with the DeLaval P100 parlour and the reactions of our customers and the feedback we received from the installations.”

The features of DeLaval P100 fit perfectly with the ambition to create a simple but highly effective milking system. DeLaval P100 parlour is easy to install, and thanks to conventional exit it fits easily into existing building and retrofit installation.

DeLaval EasyMilk™
DeLaval P100 is optimized for ease of operation and comfort with a wide alley, comfortable milking position, specially designed butt pan and high visibility from the pit and comes as MidiLine or as a double equipped low-line parlour.

Compatible with state-of-the-art DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster, system connected InParlour Feeding and advanced DeLaval milk extraction technology the P100 extracts more milk, in less time whilst unlocking more efficient, less stressful routines for milkers.

DeLaval EasyFit™
The new parlour is modular and fits in both existing or new barns with 1×3 to 2×40 options available.

DeLaval EasyFlow™
Featuring a wide entry and double exit, cows move smoothly through the P100, and with its adjustable breast rail and sequence gates it clearly defines the space for each cow.