”I am very pleased to be able to contribute to society”

Fernando Ramalho, Warehouse Manager, is always keen to learn new skills and develop new competences. Hear his story and what his fondest memories from DeLaval has been so far.

Fernando started his career in DeLaval as a Logistics Supervisor in Brazil. DeLaval caught his attention while he was working in his previous job, as DeLaval seemed to be a great company for him to improve his skills. “It also gave me the opportunity to work with logistics operations around the world. In addition, what drew me to DeLaval was its commitment to make sustainable food and support animal welfare,” says Fernando.

Fernando started in August 2013, and have since acquired new skills, experiences and are now working as a Warehouse Manager. When asked what experiences that stands out to him, he happily shares three examples. “I have had many good experiences with support from my great team. The first one was the decision I made to implement the cycle counting techniques to improve the inventory accuracy before executing the annual bases inventory. This initiative gave me the opportunity to support the implementation of the same process for the factories and warehouses across South America. Another experience was during the implementation of DeLaval Production System (DPS). At the time we were visited by the EVP Supply Chain who audited our process. The same audit process was taking place in every warehouse around the world and my team achieved the world’s #1 position, which we were very proud of. Finally, I had the great opportunity to participate in the DeLaval Business Course in Sweden. In this course I learned about DeLaval business strategies from managers, which was very inspiring. By experiencing all these situations, I feel I became a better person and professional. I have learned to persecute high quality in all my actions according to DeLaval values,” Fernando says.

After having been working in DeLaval for the last eight years, Fernando have come to really cherish the opportunity in DeLaval to work with colleagues around the globe and learn from each other. “Besides that, I am also very pleased to be able to contribute to society by being part of a company that provides essential products to our life.”

So, what does Fernando say to someone who wants to join Team Blue? “I would say that DeLaval is a great company if you are ready to challenge yourself, improve and grow as a person. DeLaval recognises the efforts we make every day to give our clients the best possible experience and products, and the company support us in all our needs.”

In the future, Fernando is looking forward to working even more with colleagues around the world and to develop more skills that will help him and his team. “My personal goals are to be part of new courses abroad in the logistics field and spend some time in North American and European warehouses to improve my skills from a logistics perspective. I would also like the opportunity to work abroad for DeLaval,” Fernando concludes.

Thank you, Fernando, for your great enthusiasm and for your work all these years, and we look forward to many more to come!