DeLaval introduces new manure robots for solid floors

Stockholm, Sweden – To improve cow comfort and especially hoof condition, DeLaval introduces its new robot collector series to its existing family of DeLaval robots.

The new robotic collector series, including DeLaval robot collector RC550 and RC700, is designed for solid floors and is available with a working width of 155 and 180 cm. Thanks to its unique rotary manure intake system, the robot collector handles most types of manure and it does not need to add any water. It works with most types of bedding, including chopped straw and sawdust.

Flexible and cow friendly The robotic collector series is a cow friendly and flexible manure cleaning system. The robots adapt to the barn instead of having to adapt the barn to the manure system, resulting in less cost. It is designed with the cows in mind, moving silently at a low speed. It cleans tight corners, waiting areas and cross alleys ─ so no more floor obstacles.

More milking capacity and high quality of milk With DeLaval robot collector RC550 and RC700, alleys are kept clean and dry. Cleaner hooves, cubicles and udders are not only better for the herds’ wellbeing and the milk quality, it provides faster teat cleaning in the VMS milking robot. “Animal welfare, farm profitability, work efficiency and food safety are challenges that most farmers face with an increasing pressure. With the new robot collector series, we take the next step in completing our robotic family, helping farmers around the globe to increase farm profitability, especially as availability of labour is scarce,” says Paul Löfgren, EVP Cluster Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

DeLaval robot collector RC550 and RC700 are now available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, Sweden and Finland. Additional countries in Europe will follow in 2021, and American, Asian and Oceanian markets will follow later.