“To see people grow in their role is the most fantastic thing to work with”

Before joining DeLaval, June learned a lot about the company. She visited our production facility and met the Supply Chain management team in Poland. She met her future manager and colleagues which made her feel that DeLaval was a great company to join. 

“I found my manager John-Erik Hermanson very trustworthy and professional as a leader with high emotional intelligence. This attracted me to join the team and I am proud of my choice,” says June.

Since joining DeLaval in 2016 she has had many rewarding experiences. One was the realisation that DeLaval not only focuses on milking equipment, but also animal welfare. Studying animal’s physiological characteristics and design the products to make the cows comfortable is a big part of what DeLaval do and something June really appreciated. The wide assortment of products and solutions for dairy farmers also means a mixed method to supply – where to supply, make or buy, and other important decisions for the supply chain which she finds very interesting.

An experience June remember that showed great team effort was during the project to transfer the production of one of the major DeLaval products call DeLaval PR3100 to China. “When I first joined DeLaval Tianjin in China the project was behind schedule. After stimulating the team and implementing new ways of working, the team worked very hard together with clear focus, responsibility, and professional management guidance until we finally met our goal!

Together we made the impossible possible, and the Supply Chain team in Tianjin is very proud of our achievements. The team spirit and management competence grew very quickly with great effort from management and colleagues from other departments.”

When asked what the best things about working for DeLaval are, June Wang says, “We who work at DeLaval enjoy the good vision, professional and friendly work environment, the care of people and at the same time, we want to lead with innovation and improve our advantages further. People’s voices are heard and ideas are considered. We together make things happen. If you want to grow and develop your competences in a multi-cultural environment, I am sure you will find DeLaval a great company.”

In the future, June Wang has many things she is looking forward to improving and developing. “We still have a lot to do. We need to make our supply chain more robust and agile. We need to shorten lead times and have quicker response under the situation of multi-assortments. We will build a multi-national team consisting of ambitious people. To see people grow in their role is the most fantastic thing to work with.”

Thank you June for your passion, sharing your story and what we can expect from Supply Chain in Asia & Pacific in the future!

About DeLaval

Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible. As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our customers, dairy farmers, do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions.

Today, DeLaval has approximately 4,500 passionate professionals operating in more than 100 markets around the world. DeLaval is part of the Tetra Laval Group.