“Together, we maintain a working culture of equality, openness and humanity”

Coco is based in Beijing, China and she has worked for DeLaval since November 2011, starting off with Marketing & Communication in China. She chose DeLaval for many reasons, and primarily it was because of the company’s competitiveness, research, and opportunities.

Coco Zong

“I asked during my interview what DeLaval’s competitiveness is, and ‘innovation and focus’ was the answer. That resonated with me. The company have gone through many changes and survived the complex market competition and evolving social environment”, Coco says. “In DeLaval, I can put my experiences in animal husbandry to use, and thus given me more in-depth contact with the company’s business. I also felt there were opportunities to learn from the new colleagues. I started when DeLaval had just moved from Shanghai to Beijing, so there were many new faces in the team,” she continues.

the start of her employment, Coco had just become a mother to a daughter, and she felt that DeLaval had a very supporting culture. “It was a humanised management and company culture. DeLaval allowed me to balance between work and family, and family is very important to me”.

During her years with DeLaval, Coco has been part of many projects. An experience she really enjoyed was when InServiceâ„¢ was first promoted in 2014. She and her team did so by having continuous communication in various outlets, one of the main ones being China Dairy – one of China’s core journals for science and technology. Her team also cooperated with service technicians that provided vital insights around topics based on their strengths. One who supported the service technicians, as well as Coco and her team, was Johnny Chai, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Coco says, “Johnny was a friend and an excellent service engineer who gave us huge support in coordinating the writing of the articles and helped us in a very important way”. In 2014, ten articles were published, which were a fantastic result of their efforts.

nother interesting experience took place at a trade show. After she got inspiration from another company, Coco arranged for people to perform parkour at the DeLaval stand. This drew a large audience, to whom DeLaval representatives could talk about the hard and professional work done by DeLaval engineers.

hen asked about the best things about working for DeLaval, Coco says, “It is the people I work with. When you choose a company, you are choosing who you will work with. At DeLaval, I get trust and clear directions, support from my manager as well as understanding, patience, contribution and ideas from my colleagues. Together, we maintain a working culture of equality, openness and humanity that attracts more people to work with us”.

In t
he near future, she is looking forward to analyse more data to better understand the customer needs from a communications perspective and to facilitate business development. Furthermore, she wants to make sure the DeLaval brand is better explored not only from a product perspective, but also through other operations that give value to our brand.

About DeLaval
Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible. As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our customers, dairy farmers, do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions.

Today, DeLaval has approximately 4,500 passionate professionals operating in more than 100 markets around the world. DeLaval is part of the Tetra Laval Group.