Celebrating 20 years of robotic milking in Norway

This week it is 20 years since the first milking robot, a DeLaval VMS ™ Classic, was installed in Norway.


“If you go back 22 years in time and you said you could milk a cow in a robot, then it was almost as if people did not believe you, says Øivind, owner of Norway’s first milking robot. Tveten Garsrud Samdrift was the first in Norway to have a milking robot installed, a Delaval VMS™”.

In 1998, DeLaval VMS™, a voluntary milking system was introduced to the market. Scientists and journalists from all over the world gathered at our test farm Hamra in Sweden. During the same year, the first VMS unit outside Hamra was launched at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

DeLaval VMS™ Classic was the first model of our VMS™ series. The robot was a technological revolution for the dairy farmer and agriculture, although at that time there were many who were critical of robots in barns.

In 2018, the new DeLaval VMS™ V300 was introduced. The VMS V300 system came with a new user interface allowing access to information and control of the system remotely, a new transparent teat preparation cup, is another new feature coming with the VMS V300 as well as the latest in vision technology for a smooth, fast and accurate attachment.

In the autumn of 2019 the latest addition to the VMS series was presented; DeLaval VMS™ V310. In addition to the good milking properties, the V310 comes with the new DeLaval RePro™ that detects heat and pregnancy automatically during the milking process. With this new feature, the VMS™ V310 is extending its productivity advantage to the next generation of cows and dairy farmers.

About DeLaval
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