The Power of Data on Your Dairy Farm

As producers set their own dairy performance objectives and targets, a key component of management is to understand and make sense of available data and technologies; the goal is to measure physiological, behavioral, and production indicators, to improve strategies and overall farm performance.  

The primary purposes of utilizing technology and data are to maximize a dairy cow’s potential, to be able to detect diseases early, and minimize the use of scarce resources. An example that is on everyone’s mind is “medications management” and treatment reductions through preventive health measures. DeLaval DelPro™ helps dairy managers quickly diagnosis animal health issues, highly influencing treatment costs and minimizing performance loss.

Data management in combination with the appropriate hardware, like DeLaval OptiDuo™, can also help with feed optimization, helping reduce waste and improve productivity. Accurate heat detection may reduce insemination costs and improve reproduction with appropriately managed activity meters and data from DeLaval Herd Navigator™.

DelPro BioModels

Having actionable data is important, but the key to excellent farm management is having the ability to carry out projections to explore possible enhancements of a farm’s profitability and/or efficiencies.

Through appropriate data interpretation, DelPro can help dairy producers do projections based on current and historical data. The system can assist in creating accurate models of both biological and behavioral outcomes; we call this unique model DelPro BioModels. The information produced by these models comes in the form of an index – according to your predetermined thresholds – that shows you when and if the performance is less than desired or better than expected.

BioModels may give you a clear snapshot of cow performance, reproductive status or health – often before there are any visible signs. By adding your veterinarian’s protocols to the process and including the managed animal’s health requirements through DelPro’s vet visit and vaccination protocol functionality, your vet visits may be maximized and more accurate. Whether you need to vaccinate, hoof trim or pregnancy check, users have the flexibility to set the criteria in the animal health module to avoid missing a cow that needs vet checked.

DeLaval DelPro is a powerful farm management operating platform due in part to the sophistication of its proprietary BioModels that drives data analysis. Through innovative Herd Navigator capabilities and the new Cow Health index (Chi) application, DeLaval has made a move forward on health monitoring. We’ve created an algorithm that uses data from DeLaval Activity Meter System, milk production, milk flow, and milk conductivity to provide dairy producers with a list of potential cows in trouble, potentially making effective health decisions faster and more accurate. 

All of the on-farm sensors and recording devices help make your life easier and your cows more productive. The data integration of dairy farm management solutions will continue to advance. The analytical power of DelPro brings it all together in one place on your farm, giving you better information, faster, so that you can make accurate decisions – even on issues that aren’t issues yet. 

By Fabian Bernal, M.S., P.A.S., Dairy Farm Advisory Manager


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