New packaging material to lower CO2 emissions

By replacing our old packaging solutions to corrugated board we will use 32 453 kg less material per year. The reduction in material equals a reduction of 25 476 kg CO2 each year.

To put this in perspective, 25 476 kg CO2 is about the same amount as 133 one-way flights from Stockholm to Hamburg. The implementation of the new packaging material has already started. This is estimated to lower our CO2 footprint during 2020 by 17 000 kg and to 25 000 kg the following year.


“The reduction of 17 000 kg is for the first step in the process, to replace the paper itself, and this is implemented already. The potential additional 8 000 kg are for replacing other materials and changing some of the processes. These options have yet to be tested and will be implemented only if the tests approved. So, in the best case scenario we will achieve 25 000 kg in total. If some articles do not pass the tests the CO2 saving will be reduced a bit”, says Magdalena Wegrzynowska, Sourcing Manager.

Today, Gallin is using 90% of the packaging in DeLaval (calculated by spend), which makes this a huge step towards a more sustainable packaging solution. Going forward, the same solution will be tested and possibly implemented in our factories in Wroclaw, Poland and Tumba, Sweden.

The new packaging solution comes from our supplier Smurfit Kappa, which is Europe’s leading company for corrugated packaging. A life cycle assessment (LCA) report in 2010 showed that 1 kg of corrugated board emits 0,785 kg CO2 during its production phase, i.e. to produce the material.

Based on volumes in 2019 the current emissions for packaging is 455 kg CO2 and we have now been reduced into 438 kg CO2 (-17 000 kg). Potentially it will be reduced to 430 kg CO2 to (-25 000 kg vs current emissions)

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